American Behavioral Clinics (ABC) has established a reputation of providing caring and compassionate behavioral health and psychiatric counseling services with a commitment to quality care. With years of experience, our clinical and specialized services provide individuals the opportunity to receive a full continuum of behavioral health and psychiatric services, including counseling.

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Professional Counseling Staff at American Behavioral Health Clinics

The professional counseling staff at ABC is composed of highly skilled, experienced physicians, clinicians, and specialists with unparalleled knowledge when it comes to counseling and psychiatric services. Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to providing quality psychiatric services to meet the individualized behavioral health treatment needs of children, adolescents, and adults, including individual and group counseling. Our professional staff includes:
  • Board Certified Psychiatrists
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologists
  • Certified Independent Clinical Social Workers
  • Certified Professional Counselors
  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors

What To Expect From Counseling at ABC

A thorough and compassionate evaluation at the beginning of treatment is an essential first step for our therapists in order to determine the most appropriate recommendations for psychiatric counseling services. We believe that you, your doctor, and your therapist together should discuss a counseling treatment plan to establish the goals of treatment and the right approach to reach those goals. Therapy is teamwork; therapists and doctors have the training and experience to offer direction and assistance through psychiatric services, but individuals are in charge of what changes they are willing to make toward better behavioral health. A variety of therapeutic approaches and counseling services may be used to bring about the desired changes. How long treatment lasts is also determined on an individual basis. Termination should be a joint decision between the patient and doctor.

Office Hours & Counseling Appointments

Regular business office hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday hours vary from clinic to clinic. Appointments for counseling and other psychiatric services can be made by calling your clinic directly. For clinic phone numbers and locations, find a location. After each counseling appointment, it is best to schedule your next appointment before leaving the clinic. If you must cancel a counseling appointment we ask for a 24 hour advance notice to allow time for another patient to be scheduled. You will be subject to a charge for the appointment time if you do not properly cancel your counseling appointment. This charge will not be covered by your insurance company and will be your responsibility.


When psychiatric counseling emergencies arise outside of our clinic hours, our answering service is available to receive emergency calls. If you have an emergency, call your clinic number and let the operator know your emergency situation. Your physician or therapist will call you back as soon as possible. If your physician or therapist is not available for emergency counseling, the operator will contact the on-call clinician who is also highly-skilled in all psychiatric services. We appreciate your consideration in using this service for emergencies only.


Our fees are usual and customary psychiatric services fees and are covered by most commercial insurance companies. Counseling fees vary according to the length of session, the type of counseling service, and the particular provider you are seeing. Fees for psychiatric and behavioral health services are posted in your specific clinic for your viewing.

Policy Of Payment

Co-payments and deductibles for counseling and behavioral health services are set by your insurance company. You are responsible for all co-payments, deductibles, failed appointment charges and any other fees that are not covered by your insurance company. Co-payment and any other portion of the charge not covered by insurance are due at the time of the counseling services. ABC accepts cash, checks and credit card payments for our psychiatric services. If you are not using insurance and are paying out of pocket for psychiatric services, payment is due at the time of the appointment. We will expect regular and up-to-date payments on the portion of the bill that is not reimbursable by your insurance.


ABC does accept insurance reimbursement for psychiatric services. If you are using your insurance for counseling services we will help by submitting the claims to your insurance carrier. Insurance is a device that can help in reimbursement for professional services. It is between you and your insurance company to see that payment is prompt. If payment is made by your insurance company within 60 days, payment will be deferred to the patient and responsible party. ABC does accept several HMO, PPO, and POS plans to cover counseling services. To determine if an ABC provider is in your network, contact your insurance company or our office for information. If preauthorization is required by the insurance plan, it is your responsibility to obtain authorization prior to the visit to our clinic.

If you have any questions about American Behavioral Clinics, counseling, or our psychiatric and behavioral health services, please see our locations for phone numbers or email us.

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