Asking for help isn’t easy. If you’re to the point you can’t continue to face life alone, consider the assistance of a professional through outpatient therapy. Our professionally trained doctors and therapists are specialized in helping you sort through your life circumstances and take back your mental health.

Outpatient Therapy For Any Need

We treat mild, moderate to severe cases of mental health situations with our professional outpatient therapy. Whether you’re struggling with a difficult life event, childhood trauma, uncontrollable life circumstances, difficult relationships or mental health disorders, treatment from a trained professional experienced in psychotherapy can help. We offer individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy sessions and a comprehensive approach to outpatient therapy.

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Beginning Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient TherapyOnce you’ve made the call and committed to outpatient therapy, we will work to connect you with the best doctor and/or therapist specialized in the situation you face. Our large outpatient therapy team consists of very experienced and reputable doctors and therapists trained in many disciplines; they can handle all psychological and psychiatric outpatient therapy treatments. During your initial outpatient therapy appointment, your therapist or doctor will work with you to perform a thorough evaluation to determine your level of mental health and the most appropriate outpatient therapy treatment for you. We’ll ask you your goals for treatment so that together we can determine the best approach. Our outpatient therapy is built on teamwork. Our team has the training and experience to offer you, but we need you to be part of the team and make the changes. We can offer suggestions and aids to help you meet goals, however each patient must make a choice to make a change in order for outpatient therapy to work.

Outpatient Therapy from American Behavioral Clinics

We offer a variety of approaches to outpatient therapy in order to meet goals and bring about desired results. Treatment length will depend on the individual, and termination of outpatient therapy treatment should be a joint decision between patient and therapist.

Individual outpatient therapy

Our trained therapists and staff offer one-on-one sessions for individual outpatient therapy and counseling. Every patient is different, and our custom outpatient therapy plans reflect this fact. Outpatient therapy sessions are designed to meet each client’s unique mental health needs. The outpatient therapy providers at American Behavioral Clinics care deeply about their patients’ individual wellness.

Group outpatient therapy

We also host group outpatient therapy sessions to provide support and encouragement to patients suffering from common struggles. Research has shown that group outpatient therapy offers countless benefits to an individual’s mental health, including increased self-awareness, emotional support that leaves patients feeling less isolated, development of positive interpersonal behaviors, and positive changes in self-perception. Current Outpatient Therapy Groups
  • Adolescent Group
  • Bipolar Disorder Group
  • Fibromyalgia Group
  • Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Group

Family outpatient therapy

Our therapists oversee family outpatient therapy to encourage communication and understanding among all family members. Whether your family is struggling with someone’s depression, substance abuse or addiction, grappling with divorce, recovering from the loss of a loved one, or seeking help with a child’s past sexual abuse, we can provide the family outpatient therapy to help resolve your conflicts. During family outpatient therapy sessions, we discuss roles, boundaries, and behaviors and uncover the stressors in your family relationships, leading to healthier, more productive familial interactions.

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