American Behavioral Clinics offers psychiatric individual therapy care, counseling, behavioral and mental health services to children, teens and adults. Meeting with a therapist and/or doctor can help you get a handle on your current situation and gain tools to help you get to a better place. Psychiatric individual therapy care provides a safe way for you to explore past events that may have contributed to the current situation and open up dialogue to overcome harmful troublesome thoughts and or behaviors to achieve greater mental health. Under one-on-one supervision of a therapist or doctor, you will have someone listen and understand your current situation and then offer advice on how to work through each difficult situation. Our doctors and therapists understand how important it is to gain your trust. We operate under a strict code of ethics and follow all protocols required for patient/physician confidentiality and safety.

Approaches to Psychiatric Individual Therapy Care

peace of mindOften times our advice includes changes in lifestyle or approaches to relationships and situations. Other times, recommendations for treatment involve medicine or other group therapies. We know your story is unique to you and will provide treatment plans and psychiatric individual therapy care catered to your specific needs. Our approach to psychiatric individual therapy care, counseling, behavioral and mental health emphasizes your strengths and unique qualities. We focus on providing solutions that relieve stress, treat current symptoms and prevent further problems. Because each person is unique, our therapists are trained to create an individualized approach to treatment to improve your mental health. Some of the ways our therapists assist patients include:
  • Counseling sessions to discuss a patient’s thoughts, current views, and fears
  • Hypnosis
  • Cognitive, solution-focused therapies
  • Breathing techniques and imaging exercises
  • Discussions about the past to understand current struggles
  • Identification of conscious and unconscious fears or desires
  • Psychiatric individual herapy in play (geared toward children)
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions

Comprehensive Psychiatric Individual Therapy Care Services

We provide comprehensive psychiatric individual therapy care services for a variety of issues and problems that individuals may experience at various times in their lives. We have highly trained psychiatric therapy specialists on our staff experienced in working with individuals and families to overcome or minimize the impact these experiences may have on their lives.

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