If you are feeling stressed, try one or more of these techniques to regain your calm. For some of these techniques, some time and practice may need to put in in order to actualize the benefits. Others can work towards helping you almost instantly.

The important thing to realize is to pay attention to your body to recognize the early warning signs of stress and then take the time to step away to renew yourself.  Here are 12 stress reduction techniques that can help you do that.

12 stress reduction techniques


  1. Take time away from stressful media reports and social media to focus on the things in your life that are going well and that you can control.
  2. Talk to your family and friends. You can still stay connected while social distancing.
  3. Take a walk. It does a world of good to get up and get your body moving a bit and to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.
  4. Exercise. Get your mind and body in sync and know that you are doing yourself a world of good while working towards your good health inside and out!
  5. Practice Tai Chi or Yoga. Both of these practices are great for recalibrating and re-centering your focus and mental energy.
  6. Write about what you are thankful for. This is a great way to move negative mental energy into a new direction and remind yourself of the good things in life!
  7. Meditate. This is a great practice to mentally slow down the “go mode” in your mind for a bit, and just “be”.
  8. Deep Breathing. By focusing on your breath and deep breathing, you bring more oxygen into your bloodstream while also removing carbon dioxide and other toxins more quickly. This can decrease stress while increasing both calmness and energy.
  9. Take a nap. Sometimes giving your mind a break with a nap can help you feel better and re-energized. Let it go and recalibrate.
  10. Play with a pet. Feel the love and companionship of spending time together with a pet.
  11. Listen to music.  Music can elevate your mood, reduce stress, stimulate memories, and so much more!
  12. Aromatherapy. Essential oils can help improve your body, mind, & spirit.