stress in the workplace

If you are seeing more stress among your employees, there are several things that you can do to help alleviate some of it. The result of lessening tension in the workplace is usually a more productive workforce who stay at their jobs longer and call in less often.

Identify the Cause of the Stress

You have probably heard the phrase, one bad apple will spoil the whole batch, and it is true about the people who work for you. Therefore, if you have someone who is always negative, try moving them to a different position. Additionally, look at the task your employees find stressful to do and find ways to make them less stressful when possible.

Be Observant

Employees are often stressed about things outside the workplace. If you see an employee who seems down, ask them what is wrong. Even if you cannot do anything to fix the issue, knowing someone cares may help them carry their load.

Prioritize Tasks

You may give employees more to do on some days than they can get done. Ensure you communicate the most important tasks so they know where to concentrate first. Encourage them to practice mindfulness instead of trying to multitask.

Encourage Employees to Take Care of Themselves

Unless you have an employee abusing the privilege, encourage your workforce to take care of themselves. Provide ample time off for employees to go to doctor and counseling appointments without feeling guilty about missing work. Share your company’s policies with new hires early so that they are well informed.

Plan Fun Days

Even if it is just an hour or two, plan a time that your employees can play or work together as a team. Take everyone out for a meal or bring in a guest speaker. Other times, you and your employees may want to work together on a community service project.

Eliminating stress in your workplace often starts with you keeping your stress levels under control. Then, you can help your crew discover ways to feel less stress at work.