finding inspiration

It’s all too easy to sometimes feel like we’ve fallen into a rut or a day-in-day-out routine that saps our energy and creativity, where we feel we may be coasting through parts of our lives on autopilot. It’s worth the effort to work towards becoming re-inspired in our daily lives, to find motivation and a zest for living, to see common things in a new or renewed light, as this can lead us to greater creativity and appreciation for ourselves, and the people and world around us.

Here are 8 Great Ways to Get Inspired & Stay Inspired!

  1. Reading- Finding motivational quotes or reading from motivational books can get you reinspired for life. A great advantage here is even if you are tired or short on time, just finding even 1 idea that connects with you, that you can dwell on or think about and then apply to your thoughts and actions can help you see things in a new light. Biographies and autobiographies of people you admire can be very inspiring reads as well.
  2. Me” time- In what is often a hurried world, its important to take some time for yourself to both relax and re-energize. There is the saying that you can’t pour from an empty glass, but also, on the other hand, a full glass can’t hold more water. Take some time alone regularly to refuel yourself, detox from the hurried pace of life, and simply “be” for a while.
  3. Listen to Music- Be it your favorites or discovering something new, or even something new from the past, music can almost instantly energize and inspire! Listening to music is a great way to unwind and feel good!
  4. Exercise- Going for a walk, getting out into the fresh air or establishing an exercise routine is a great way to shake off cobwebs in your mind and get more energy!
  5. Thought and Appreciation- It’s worth taking time to reflect on what is good in life, and in your life. At night before good to sleep, thinking about the good things that happened during the day, good conversations, and/ or the things you accomplished may even help head you off to a good night’s sleep.
  6. Goal Setting- If you feel you are in a rut, it often helps to have a goal in mind to inspire you to “stick with it”, knowing that you are working towards achieving that goal.
  7. Volunteering or Giving Your Time- By giving and seeing the positive impact of your efforts on people and the word around you, you can find inspiration, meaning, and purpose.
  8. Establish a Good Work-Life Balance- Both work and “play” are important parts of a full life. When you work, just work. And when you play, just play. Try and be in the moment and you may find you have more mental calm and energy for both.