If you feel a little sluggish heading back to the office, you are not alone as nearly 50% of workers and 53% of managers report feeling burned out at work. If you are one of them, getting a different job may have crossed your mind. The World Health Organization has stated that burnout is an occupational phenomenon. Before you make the leap, mental health experts say you should watch for some red flags before accepting a new position.

Managers Lack Mental Health Training

Companies need to train managers to spot burnout when it happens and have the power to help employees seek professional help when needed. When looking for a job, consider hybrid options as they usually have a better life-work balance. The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay has some excellent Zoom training courses if you are a supervisor who needs better training to prevent employee burnout.

Realistic Work-time Expectations

While interviewing, ask about the company’s expectation that you answer messages during your off-time. Some companies expect that you always respond to messages promptly, which can interfere with your hobbies to relieve stress. Others reserve phone calls for emergencies, use text messages for times when you can respond if you want and save emails for working hours. Letting employees get away from the job is a great way to reduce job burnout.

Employees Receive Praise for Working Beyond Normal Hours

Some companies praise employees who come in on their days off and work far into the night. The major problem with this is that soon the employee cannot separate their identity from their job, often leading to burnout. When interviewing, look for a company that sets realistic expectations about the amount of work to be accomplished and does not care if you take off as long as you deliver on your projects. Taking time away from the office often leads to more creativity. Therefore, if you are a manager, do not assume that employees that are not at their desks are not working.

Burnout in the workplace is very high, but if it is time to move on, watch for these red flags, or you will be burned out again.

Not sure if it is burnout or perhaps anxiety or depression? Get an evaluation by a licensed therapist.