Alcohol Abuse

Recovery Options For  Alcohol Abuse

Despite the awareness campaigns on the dangers of alcohol, alcohol abuse is a common and increasingly growing problem in the U.S. that claims the lives of users every day.

American Behavioral Clinics offers several outpatient treatment options for those suffering from alcohol addiction and other behavioral health issues.

We provide outpatient treatment for patients suffering from substance abuse, and even substance abuse therapy for the family members struggling to cope with their loved one’s addiction.

Alcohol Abuse Therapy & Treatment of Mental Health Disorders

Addiction is a powerful and difficult condition to treat. When addiction is compared to the overall population, individuals currently living with a mental disorder are more likely to experience a substance use disorder and individuals with a current substance use disorder are more likely to have a mental disorder. Some turn to abusing alcohol as a way to alleviate symptoms of the disorder, or to find relief from the stress it brings.

Our trained doctors and therapists know how to work with patients suffering from substance abuse because of a mental health disorder. We provide a balanced comprehensive substance abuse therapy program that addresses each area of a patient’s struggle. Our end goal is to help patients restore emotional wellbeing while abstaining from alcohol.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy

We offer the flexibility of outpatient alcohol abuse therapy; therefore, patients can schedule their treatment plans around work and family commitments.

Our approach to treatment is thorough and administered by trained professionals who are experienced in assisting patients through substance abuse recovery.

We may recommend a combination of psychotherapy and psychiatric (medicated) steps to assist a patient to recovery, depending on the patient’s specific needs and situation. We work to create a custom substance abuse therapy for each patient.

Our goal is to assist patients to a better life with better choices and behavioral health.

Alcohol Abuse Services Provided

✅  AODA Counseling
✅  Group Therapy

Get on the road to recovery from alcohol abuse for better behavioral health; call one of our locations today!

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