Anxiety & Panic Disorder Treatments

Anxiety Symptoms & Treatments

Anxiety is a normal part of life. Everyone experiences anxiety over a presentation, test, or work-related problems. However, when that anxiety does not fade, worsens over time and affects your daily life in a negative way then it may be an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are known as Panic disorders. Research has shown that anxiety and fear are connected to parts of the brain. Therefore, an individual who suffers from recurrent and unexpected panic attacks has a panic disorder.

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Physical and Behavioral Symptoms

✅ Unexplained shortness of breath
✅ Heart palpitations
✅ Restlessness
✅ Muscle tension
✅ Sweaty hands or feet
✅ Dry mouth
✅ Shaking
✅ Difficulty sleeping
✅ Frequent urination
✅ Nausea or vomiting
✅ Sensation of choking
✅ Numbness or tingling sensations
✅ Nail biting or fidgeting
✅ Feeling of “butterflies” in stomach
✅ Sexual difficulties
✅ Lightheadedness
✅ Diarrhea or constipation
✅ Flushing or blushing in face
✅ Feelings of fear, panic, or uneasiness
✅ Crying
✅ Constant worrying
✅ Irritable or restless
✅ Difficulty concentrating
✅ Obsessive thoughts
✅ Impatient

How American Behavioral Clinics Can Help

American Behavioral Clinics offers many services that are beneficial to individuals with Anxiety or Panic Disorders. We have a variety of psychiatrists and psychologists that offer several therapeutic approaches to anxiety that have shown to be effective in helping patients manage their symptoms. ABC works with patients to find the best path of treatment. The services available include:

Medication management
Drugs prescribed to reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Psychotherapy (individual and family)
Our mental health professionals talk through strategies for understanding and dealing with a patient’s disorder.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Patients learn to recognize and change thought patterns and behaviors that lead to troublesome feelings.

Let American Behavioral Clinics help you recover from your anxiety and panic. We can help you take control of your life back.

Anxiety and Panic Disorder treatment is available at American Behavioral Clinics, contact your nearest location to make an appointment today

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