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Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Significant life events — such as the death of a family member, friend, or pet; divorce or a move; abuse; trauma; a parent leaving on military deployment; or a major illness in the family — can cause stress that might lead to problems with behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, and academic or social functioning.

In certain situations, it is not as clear what has caused a child to suddenly seem withdrawn, worried, stressed, angry, or tearful. But if a parent feels their child might have an emotional or behavioral problem or needs help coping with a difficult life event, parents should trust their instincts.

If your child is having difficulty in any of these areas and the problem lasts for an extended period of time, your child may benefit from professional help. Mental health professionals here at American Behavioral Clinics should be consulted to help you both understand what is upsetting him or her.

Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Children and Adolescents

American Behavioral Clinics psychiatric treatment is intended for children and adolescents between the ages of 5-21 (if still in school). The therapies offered to children with behavioral disorders include psychiatric evaluations, individual and family therapy, medication management, anger management, social skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy. The treatment we offer focuses primarily on helping the children cope with the daily circumstances that may have a negative impact on their lives, as well as improving the child’s quality of life and ability to function on a daily basis.

Children & Adolescent Treatment Specializations

✅  Depression
✅  Anxiety
✅  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
✅ Bipolar Disorder
✅ Learning Disorders
✅ Behavior Problems
✅ Bereavement
✅ Adjustment to divorce & separation
✅ Blended families
✅ College adjustment & coping
✅ Gender identity
✅ Sexuality and orientation

Children & Adolescent Treatment Outcomes

American Behavioral Clinic’s goal for each child who meets with our mental health professionals on a regular basis is for them to successfully thrive within his or her home, school and community. We provide an environment that is nurturing and safe. Depending on the child’s individual circumstances and symptoms, will also determine on which unique type of treatment is best for them.
Our outpatient treatment allows the flexibility for children or adolescents to receive treatment for mental health issues while maintaining their commitments to school and family.

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The Long-lasting Effects of Child Abuse


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