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Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Significant life events — such as the death of a family member, friend, or pet; divorce or a move; abuse; trauma; a parent leaving on military deployment; or a major illness in the family — can cause stress that might lead to problems with behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, and academic or social functioning.

In certain situations, it is not as clear what has caused a child to suddenly seem withdrawn, worried, stressed, angry, or tearful. But if a parent feels their child might have an emotional or behavioral problem or needs help coping with a difficult life event, parents should trust their instincts.

If your child is having difficulty in any of these areas and the problem lasts for an extended period of time, your child may benefit from professional help. Mental health professionals here at American Behavioral Clinics should be consulted to help you both understand what is upsetting him or her.

Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Children and Adolescents

American Behavioral Clinics psychiatric treatment is intended for children and adolescents between the ages of 5-21 (if still in school). The therapies offered to children with behavioral disorders include psychiatric evaluations, individual and family therapy, medication management, anger management, social skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy. The treatment we offer focuses primarily on helping the children cope with the daily circumstances that may have a negative impact on their lives, as well as improving the child’s quality of life and ability to function on a daily basis.

Children & Adolescent Treatment Specializations

✅  Depression
✅  Anxiety
✅  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
✅ Bipolar Disorder
✅ Learning Disorders
✅ Behavior Problems
✅ Bereavement
✅ Adjustment to divorce & separation
✅ Blended families
✅ College adjustment & coping
✅ Gender identity
✅ Sexuality and orientation

Children & Adolescent Treatment Outcomes

American Behavioral Clinic’s goal for each child who meets with our mental health professionals on a regular basis is for them to successfully thrive within his or her home, school and community. We provide an environment that is nurturing and safe. Depending on the child’s individual circumstances and symptoms, will also determine on which unique type of treatment is best for them.
Our outpatient treatment allows the flexibility for children or adolescents to receive treatment for mental health issues while maintaining their commitments to school and family.

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The Effects of Social Media on Teens’ Mental Health


The average American spends 2.5 hours on social media daily. Teens are on social sites about 8 hours a day. Furthermore, studies show that 26% of social media users are between 18 and 29. Spending so much time on social media can affect mental health. Psychologists are especially concerned about people [...]

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Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health Releases Mental Health Crisis Card


The Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health has released a Mental Health Crisis Card that children and adults can use to de-escalate a situation when experiencing a mental health crisis. Those who may experience a mental health crisis are encouraged to print it and always carry it with them or take a photo of [...]

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Alarming Findings From CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey


  According to the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey released in February 2023, the rate of depression and anxiety is at an all-time high. This survey, conducted since 1991, also found other findings that should serve as a call to action for caring adults everywhere. Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers Three in five teenage [...]

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State of Mental Health of Wisconsin Students: 2023


Mental Health America recently announced that Wisconsin had the best mental health in the nation. Yet, some alarming Wisconsin youth mental health statistics need examining. Access to Care The organization ranks Wisconsin third for the most access to care of any state in the United States, which is excellent news. Only the District of [...]

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Mental Health Concerns for Individuals With Autism


A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry and conducted at Sweeden’s Karolinska Institutet found that women on the autism spectrum were more likely than men to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. The study looked at 20,000 individuals and found that 77% of women had been diagnosed with a [...]

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Governor Evers Declares 2023 The Year of Mental Health in Wisconsin


On January 24, 2023, Governor Tony Evers delivered his State of the State address, during which he declared 2023 the Year of Mental Health. Furthermore, he described mental health in the state as a burgeoning crisis and asked the legislature to approve $270 million in the Kids Get Ahead program. He also asked the [...]

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Benefits of Early Screening for Autism


If you fear that your child has autism, you should set up an appointment with a child psychiatrist. These professionals are medical doctors who have received additional training in how the mind works. Therefore, they are the perfect medical provider to contact when you are looking to rule out autism. [...]

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The State of Student Mental Health in Wisconsin


The State of Student Mental Health in Wisconsin According to a survey by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in December 2022, students report an increased rate of mental health challenges. Over 50% say that they are experiencing stress while over 33% say they feel more anxious than they did previously. Students facing food [...]

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What Is Pediatric Psychiatry?


Pediatric psychiatry specializes in treating children and adolescents. While the psychiatrist may work with a team of other medical professionals, the primary focus of a child psychiatrist is to treat disorders related to childhood feelings, thoughts, or emotions. The psychiatrist must act in the child's best interest, but he may also consult with juvenile court [...]

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