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Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders that plague our modern society. It is estimated that 1 in 7 adults will experience a depression of significant magnitude to warrant obtaining treatment. Since virtually everyone considers themselves to be depressed at one time or another, the term depression is not easily defined. In our everyday language we use the term to refer to both the “normal” sadness associated with life’s inevitable disappointments and to clinical levels of depression. A question often raised is, “How can I tell when I’m really depressed?” This is obviously an important question and usually translates into “Are my depressed feelings normal or should I seek help?”

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Common Symptoms of Depression

Numerous symptoms, in addition to a low mood state, accompany clinical forms of depression. Not only does the clinically depressed person feel “low,” but almost invariably there is a loss of self-esteem. During a depression, our confidence gets drowned in a sea of self-doubt. Even minor, everyday chores can be overwhelming. As the depression “sets in,” sleep and appetite disturbances frequently evolve. Insomnia often torments the depressed individual along with a decrease in appetite. In some cases, however, sleep and appetite may become excessive. Loss of interest or pleasure in one’s usual activities is a common complaint. Some people even begin to feel apathetic toward previously cherished hobbies, particularly at more severe levels of depression. If you suffer from depression you may experience several of the following symptoms:

✅  Anxiety
✅  Sadness
✅  Worthlessness
✅  Fatigue
✅  Restlessness
✅  Irritability
✅  Crying spells
✅  Guilt
✅  Lack of concentration
✅  Apathy
✅  Sleep issues
✅  Loss of appetite or overeating
✅  Suicidal thoughts
✅  Physical pain (headaches, body pain, cramps, digestive problems)

Depressed clients sometimes feel “slowed down” in their ability to think and concentrate. Fatigue and a general lack of energy are also common symptoms. As the depth of the emotional pain and sense of hopelessness deepen, thoughts of death and suicide often emerge. It has been estimated that 70% of deaths from suicide are related to some form of depression. While none of the above-mentioned symptoms are invariably present, the list shows the variety and type of symptoms which can appear during clinical depression.

Outpatient Treatment for Depression in Milwaukee

American Behavioral Clinics offers a combination of treatments for patients with depression that work at improving their symptoms. The treatments that assist in managing depression to recovery include medication management, counseling, and group therapy. Our team of professionals are here to provide the correct tools and support so those who are depressed so they can live a normal life.

Typically, one of the first efforts in treating depression is through medication management by prescribing antidepressants. People who have depression will often manage it with the use antidepressants to help increase the levels of neurotransmitters that their brain is lacking. In addition to starting antidepressant medication, therapy and support groups are a great way to manage feelings and issues that correlate with depression.

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