Holiday Eating Tips


Holiday Eating Tips By Stacey Nye, PhD, FAED Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of my clients have a similar concern: How to handle all the food usually present at large family holiday events. Hopefully these tips will help get you through with little stress and much enjoyment.     Tip # 1 [...]

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Do You Have a Safe House? By Stacey Nye, PhD


I recently presented a workshop at a local spa on healing disconnected eating. As a guest presenter my husband and I were treated to a weekend of complimentary food, exercise classes and other presentations by the spa’s staff.  He attended a workshop given by the staff nutritionist on eating healthy.  I was having my complimentary [...]

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Shopping Therapy By Stacey Nye, PhD


I love to shop.  I love clothes, jewelry, and makeup.  I read InStyle magazine and the Sephora cosmetics catalogue from cover to cover, pouring over every detail about the colors, fabrics, designers and cost. Style and fashion is one of my hobbies, and I love a good designer bargain, wearing bright colors, and layering on [...]

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Saving Our Daughters By Dr. Stacey Nye, PhD, FAED


I am often asked how to prevent eating disorders in our children, for it is quite common that weight and body image issues plague our kids, especially girls, at a younger and younger age. The ever-growing exposure to media images of thin, beautiful, perfect-looking women set a standard that most women cannot achieve, and all [...]

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