5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Awareness


Being self-aware means that we are aware of our emotions and emotional state at any moment, which can positively affect our thoughts and behaviors in any situation. We may even be able to even see ourselves objectively- what we say and do as seen from the perspective of someone else. This obviously isn’t an easy [...]

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Digitally Detoxing: Taking a Break from Social Media


If you have thought of taking a break from social media, you are certainly not alone. What was originally intended to be a digital meeting place for friends and family members to share pictures and to easily communicate has evolved to include attention-grabbing news items, advertisements that bombard, political rants, the ability to scream at [...]

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Stress Reduction Techniques That Really Work


If you are feeling stressed, try one or more of these techniques to regain your calm. For some of these techniques, some time and practice may need to put in in order to actualize the benefits. Others can work towards helping you almost instantly. The important thing to realize is to pay attention to your [...]

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July 24th- Celebrate International Self-Care Day


July 24th- International Self-Care Day On July 24th, we celebrate International Self-Care Day. This day was established in 2011, and the focus is on the awareness of the importance of self-care and empowering people with the knowledge and ability on how to be active participants in their own wellness. There are many health-related [...]

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Holiday Eating Tips


Holiday Eating Tips By Stacey Nye, PhD, FAED Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of my clients have a similar concern: How to handle all the food usually present at large family holiday events. Hopefully, these tips will help get you through with little stress and much enjoyment. Tip # 1 Eat all [...]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder Can Strike in Summer


Summer Affecting Your Mental Health? If you find yourself struggling with your mental health in the summer, you’re not alone. Many people know about seasonal affective disorder (SAD), associating it mostly with an increase of depressive symptoms in the winter. People who suffer from SAD in the winter may sleep more (hypersomnia), withdraw socially, overeat, [...]

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