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How to Help Mom Happily Celebrate Mother’s Day


With empathy and care, we offer insights that can help you show your mom she’s special this Mother’s Day. If you’re used to traditional celebrations, our advice may surprise you. Ask Mom What She Really Wants Commonly, folks treat Mom to Mother’s Day brunch, and that's certainly a valid way [...]

How to Help Mom Happily Celebrate Mother’s Day2024-05-10T14:20:19-05:00

Is Someone You Love Self-Medicating & Mistreating Their Mental Health?


Self-care has been emphasized in recent popular culture. Meditation, exercise and maintaining healthy relationships offer benefits that can boost mental health. Importantly, self-medicating is often not a valid form of self-care. Self-Medicating Can Be Problematic As defined by the Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine, "Self-medication is the use of medications, treatments, and/or [...]

Is Someone You Love Self-Medicating & Mistreating Their Mental Health?2024-05-01T11:20:31-05:00

What is Psychiatry?


Dr. Jay Winston - Top Psychiatrist in Milwaukee Magazine Psychiatry is a branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Overall, psychiatry is a vital medical specialty that addresses the complex interplay between biological, psychological, and social [...]

What is Psychiatry?2024-04-25T12:13:24-05:00

Could Your TRD Use a Little TLC?


According to a journal article recently published in World Psychiatry, at least 30% of people diagnosed with depression struggle with treatment-resistant depression. If you have not received significant relief via prescribed antidepressants, you meet the criteria for TRD. We help people in Greater Milwaukee move past TRD at American Behavioral Clinics. [...]

Could Your TRD Use a Little TLC?2024-04-25T12:08:52-05:00

Do You Need More Sunshine in Your Life?


As we roll into the middle of spring, we start to see the sun more around Milwaukee. Longer days may lead to visions of outdoor activities. They also provide an opportunity to enhance our well-being. Make Going Outside a Priority Are you getting plenty of sunlight? Advice varies by source, but we all need [...]

Do You Need More Sunshine in Your Life?2024-04-24T15:58:48-05:00

Depression Symptoms- What to Look For


Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, and a range of other emotional and physical symptoms. Symptoms of depression can vary from person to person, but common signs and symptoms include: Persistent sadness: Feeling down or sad most of the time, [...]

Depression Symptoms- What to Look For2024-04-24T16:02:21-05:00

Can Depression Cause Headaches?


Yes, depression can indeed cause headaches for some individuals. While depression is primarily associated with mood disturbances such as sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest, it can also manifest physical symptoms, including headaches. These headaches may vary in intensity and frequency, and they can be experienced differently from person to [...]

Can Depression Cause Headaches?2024-04-24T16:12:59-05:00

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


Since 1949, the United States has observed Mental Health Awareness Month every May. There are many events across the county during the month that are held to bring awareness of mental health issues, reduce the stigma of having a mental illness, and the help available for mental health issues. Each year has a specific [...]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month2024-04-24T16:19:44-05:00

10 Things To Do When Depression Turns Into Anger


When depression turns into anger, it can be a challenging and distressing experience. Here are some strategies that may help: Recognize and acknowledge your emotions: Understand that both depression and anger are valid feelings, and it's important to acknowledge and accept them without judgment. Identify triggers: Try to identify specific [...]

10 Things To Do When Depression Turns Into Anger2024-03-22T14:47:14-05:00

How to Access Expert Therapy in Milwaukee Discreetly and Conveniently


Seeking therapy is usually a personal matter. Your confidentiality must be safeguarded by mental healthcare professionals. In addition, you may desire maximum discretion. Significantly, the most discrete way to access expert therapy in Milwaukee is also the most convenient. Discreetly Access Expert Therapy in Milwaukee At American Behavioral Clinics, we [...]

How to Access Expert Therapy in Milwaukee Discreetly and Conveniently2024-03-15T11:09:06-05:00