Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health Releases Mental Health Crisis Card


The Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health has released a Mental Health Crisis Card that children and adults can use to de-escalate a situation when experiencing a mental health crisis. Those who may experience a mental health crisis are encouraged to print it and always carry it with them or take a photo of [...]

Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health Releases Mental Health Crisis Card2023-03-10T10:46:58-06:00

State of Mental Health of Wisconsin Students: 2023


Mental Health America recently announced that Wisconsin had the best mental health in the nation. Yet, some alarming Wisconsin youth mental health statistics need examining. Access to Care The organization ranks Wisconsin third for the most access to care of any state in the United States, which is excellent news. Only the District of [...]

State of Mental Health of Wisconsin Students: 20232023-02-27T17:40:21-06:00

Benefits of Early Screening for Autism


If you fear that your child has autism, you should set up an appointment with a child psychiatrist. These professionals are medical doctors who have received additional training in how the mind works. Therefore, they are the perfect medical provider to contact when you are looking to rule out autism. [...]

Benefits of Early Screening for Autism2023-01-23T12:15:51-06:00

Studies Show Teaching Teens Proactive Coping Skills Provides Them Rich Rewards


If you are a parent of a teen, then you know that their lives can be extremely stressful. Both studies, funded by the University of North Carolina, found that teaching teens proactive coping skills improved their physical health as they struggled with the challenges of being a teen. What Are Proactive Coping Skills? Proactive [...]

Studies Show Teaching Teens Proactive Coping Skills Provides Them Rich Rewards2023-01-17T17:35:09-06:00

What Is Pediatric Psychiatry?


Pediatric psychiatry specializes in treating children and adolescents. While the psychiatrist may work with a team of other medical professionals, the primary focus of a child psychiatrist is to treat disorders related to childhood feelings, thoughts, or emotions. The psychiatrist must act in the child's best interest, but he may also consult with juvenile court [...]

What Is Pediatric Psychiatry?2022-11-04T12:31:16-05:00

Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Children


  Being a parent is a hard job. You may wonder if the signs you are seeing in your child are just a normal phase or a sign of a mental health condition. It is far better to discuss any signs troubling you with a health care professional than to ignore them. There are many signs [...]

Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Children2022-06-13T13:48:59-05:00

Helping Children With Their Anxiety


  If your child is anxious, then there are several things that you can do to help them. Many childhood fears are a part of the maturing process. For example, young children may have stranger anxiety while older children may be afraid of imaginary things, like monsters under the bed. Studies show that one of [...]

Helping Children With Their Anxiety2022-06-06T17:14:01-05:00

Are Mental Health Issues Hereditary?


Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness, and are you concerned that you may pass it on to any offspring that you may have one day? While doctors are still not sure what causes many mental illnesses, research suggests that environment, genetics, and mental causes may all play a role. Hereditary Research shows that [...]

Are Mental Health Issues Hereditary?2022-04-05T12:07:13-05:00

How To Help Children with Separation Anxiety


  As much as children and parents struggled to adjust to homeschooling when the COVID pandemic started, your children may experience separation anxiety as they head back to school. You can take some simple steps that may help ease the anxiety that your child feels if they face COVID-related separation anxiety. Prepare for Separation Anxiety [...]

How To Help Children with Separation Anxiety2021-10-18T17:31:43-05:00