Personality Disorder

Your Cortisol Level May Be Stressing You Out


If you are depressed or have bipolar disorder, your body’s cortisol level may be to blame. One of the duties of this hormone is to help your body respond appropriately to stress. Your body’s level should be between 6 to 23 micrograms per deciliter in the morning and go down throughout [...]

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5 Reasons to Hang Out With Friends This Summer


Many people with mental health challenges find it difficult to go out in public, but there are numerous reasons why you will want to overcome those fears and go out with some friends. Sense of Belonging Hanging out with some friends gives you a sense of belonging to a group. [...]

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Medications for Schizophrenia Treatment


Several medications are available for schizophrenia, so if one drug has not given you positive results, you may want to consider a different option with your healthcare provider. Here is a list of different possible medications as a reference to consider and to ask your provider about.  Working with your provider can help you find [...]

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World Bipolar Day: 3/30/22


  World Bipolar Day will be observed this year on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022. March 30th is a special date to this cause as it’s the birthday of Vincent van Gogh, who struggled with mental illness and was posthumously determined to have bipolar disorder.   This day is about raising awareness on mental health issues like [...]

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Personality Disorder


Types of Personality Disorder Everyone has personality traits that uniquely characterizes them by the way they think and behave. However, when these personality traits are presenting extreme, maladaptive patterns of thoughts and behavior, then it becomes a personality disorder. This disorder is a serious mental illness that may cause major disruption and instability to a [...]

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