How to Have Fun When You Don’t Feel Fun


Some folks have fun down to a science. They work in the leisure sciences field. These experts' research confirms that fun is good for us. Still, fun's importance doesn't always mean we can easily experience it. Fun Can’t Be Forced If you've ever attended a gathering while distracted by negative thoughts, you know that you [...]

How to Have Fun When You Don’t Feel Fun2024-03-29T12:21:10-05:00

Taking Risks to Achieve Your Goals


Are you afraid to take risks toward meeting your goals? Following a four-step process may help. Step 1: Decide on a Goal The first step in taking a risk is deciding on a goal you want to achieve. For example, the early settlers who followed the Oregon Trail risked giving up [...]

Taking Risks to Achieve Your Goals2023-06-29T13:49:06-05:00

June is PTSD Month


June is post-traumatic stress disorder month. PTSD affects about 6% of the population. While initially diagnosed in soldiers, they are not the only ones to have this disease triggered by a traumatic event. For example, a flood, serious accident, assault, seeing someone killed or seriously injured, and many other events can [...]

June is PTSD Month2023-06-19T17:51:16-05:00

28% Increase of Veterans Crisis Line in March 2023


The Veterans Crisis Line received a record number of calls in March 2023. The staff fielded over 88,000 calls during the month, 28% higher than any previous month. Authorities with the Veterans Administration believe that the surge is only the start of a burgeoning problem that will continue for the foreseeable future. While veterans [...]

28% Increase of Veterans Crisis Line in March 20232023-04-28T17:07:57-05:00

The Role of Individual Therapy in Processing Traumatic Events


Almost everyone has had one or more traumatic events occur in their lifetime. It may be the sudden death of a loved one, drastic changes in physical health, or a natural catastrophe that has put you into survival mode. The human brain is not wired to analyze these events while you are experiencing them. You [...]

The Role of Individual Therapy in Processing Traumatic Events2023-02-16T11:55:16-06:00

Governor Evers Declares 2023 The Year of Mental Health in Wisconsin


On January 24, 2023, Governor Tony Evers delivered his State of the State address, during which he declared 2023 the Year of Mental Health. Furthermore, he described mental health in the state as a burgeoning crisis and asked the legislature to approve $270 million in the Kids Get Ahead program. He also asked the [...]

Governor Evers Declares 2023 The Year of Mental Health in Wisconsin2023-01-30T17:33:30-06:00

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?


If you are struggling with a mental health challenge, such as depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and/or drug use problems, marital problems or eating disorders, then cognitive behavioral therapy may help. While there were earlier developments, cognitive behavioral therapy was first used during World War II to help veterans deal with the war's psychological impact [...]

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?2024-02-14T11:38:06-06:00

Helping Young People Cope with Trauma


When youth and adolescents experience trauma, how can parents, emergency service workers, and rescue providers, along with the larger community help them start to recover and ultimately overcome the traumatic experience? Whether it be suffering through a natural disaster, being a victim or witness to violence, or perhaps a tragic accident, be it large scale [...]

Helping Young People Cope with Trauma2022-05-27T14:34:49-05:00

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


What are the Symptoms of PTSD? Everyone reacts to stress differently. We have no way of knowing in advance what kind of situation will affect us adversely. What upsets one person may not upset another to the same degree or at all. It is no reflection on the “strength” or “toughness” of the individual. Sometimes [...]

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