Most Stressed and Depressed Professions in America


A study of 2,358 respondents discovered that stress was a more significant issue in some professions than others. While the pandemic directly impacted the amount of stress in some occupations, most professionals say they are more concerned about the amount of student debt they took on. Veterinarian The profession with the most stress is [...]

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November 2nd: International Stress Awareness Day


November 2, 2022, is international Stress Awareness Day, as declared by the International Stress Management Association. This day always falls on the first Wednesday of November. Chronic stress over a long period can lead to more severe health concerns, so it is important to recognize chronic pressure and deal with it appropriately. What Causes Stress? [...]

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Tips To Manage Stress


Are you constantly feeling stressed? You probably already recognize your physical symptoms that indicate you are feeling stressed, like insomnia, headaches, trouble concentrating, jaw pain, and mood swings. If you are feeling stressed,  try following these simple tips to manage it: Get Exercise Walking a few times a week is a terrific way to beat [...]

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Are You Suffering from High-Functioning Depression?


If you manage to keep it together most of the time but have trouble feeling positive about yourself and the activities around you, you may have high-functioning depression. Use this checklist to see if these things apply to you. • You see the bad in most situations • Friends and family describe you as [...]

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Managing Ongoing Pandemic Stress


  In March 2020, the United States took a big gasp when officials announced that we were entering the grips of a pandemic. While everyone worked very hard to flatten the curve in the first few weeks, it has now been two years, and many people have not been able to catch a break. Therefore, [...]

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Coping With Anxiety


  If you experience anxiety often, you may be addicted to anxiety without even realizing it. During the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton determined that most people were afraid of the unknown. Therefore, they often become paralyzed and unable to make a move. Psychologists and others call this analysis paralysis. A simple change of perspective [...]

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8 Ways To Help Manage Your Stress


  You may be able to lessen the bad effects of stress on your physical and mental wellbeing by following any or all of these 8 Tips: Establish and stick to a regular exercise routine- Getting regular exercise- even 30 minutes daily of walking- can help you not only get out of a mental funk [...]

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Support for Caregiver Stress


If you are a caregiver or parent taking care of a loved one suffering from a mental or physical illness, or a caregiver of an aging parent, it is inevitable that you will feel overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, sad, or frustrated, or perhaps a combination of all of these at times. This is quite natural, and [...]

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5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Awareness


Being self-aware means that we are aware of our emotions and emotional state at any moment, which can positively affect our thoughts and behaviors in any situation. We may even be able to even see ourselves objectively- what we say and do as seen from the perspective of someone else. This obviously isn’t an easy [...]

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Stress Reduction Techniques That Really Work


If you are feeling stressed, try one or more of these techniques to regain your calm. For some of these techniques, some time and practice may need to put in in order to actualize the benefits. Others can work towards helping you almost instantly. The important thing to realize is to pay attention to your [...]

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