Stress, Depression and the Holidays: How to Make the Season Brighter


The holidays are ideal for spending time with family and friends and are seen as a joyous time of year. However, anxiety and depression are also especially common during the holidays, since planning trips, buying gifts and hosting get-togethers can be significantly stressful. Here are some ways to keep your mental health intact as [...]

Stress, Depression and the Holidays: How to Make the Season Brighter2023-11-09T12:55:39-06:00

November 1st: International Stress Awareness Day


November 1, 2023, is international Stress Awareness Day, as declared by the International Stress Management Association. This day always falls on the first Wednesday of November. Chronic stress over a long period can lead to more severe health concerns, so it is important to recognize chronic pressure and deal with it appropriately. What Causes [...]

November 1st: International Stress Awareness Day2023-10-18T13:18:01-05:00

Use These Tips If Your September Feels More Like Stresstember


As we arrive at the middle of September, we have a question for you. How’s this busy month going? Transitioning into autumn often feels hectic. School restarts. Workplace demands usually increase. You might have to juggle several kids' clashing extracurricular schedules. Those common examples indicate why some folks have given [...]

Use These Tips If Your September Feels More Like Stresstember2023-09-20T15:18:07-05:00

Coping with Holiday Stress: Strategies for a Joyful Season


The holiday season, often associated with joy and celebration, can paradoxically become a source of stress and anxiety for many people. The pressure to create perfect moments, manage finances, and meet high expectations can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. However, with some mindful planning and self-care [...]

Coping with Holiday Stress: Strategies for a Joyful Season2023-09-26T15:58:57-05:00

Are Problems Making You Anxious?


Many people who suffer from anxiety feel like everything is their fault. Some people find it easy to believe they are responsible for everything that happens, while others assume that a minor issue will spread and affect all areas of their lives. Finally, some people think that the problems they are [...]

Are Problems Making You Anxious?2023-07-10T11:27:34-05:00

Most Stressed and Depressed Professions in America


A study of 2,358 respondents discovered that stress was a more significant issue in some professions than others. While the pandemic directly impacted the amount of stress in some occupations, most professionals say they are more concerned about the amount of student debt they took on. Veterinarian The profession with the most stress is [...]

Most Stressed and Depressed Professions in America2023-03-15T13:02:07-05:00

Tips To Manage Stress


Are you constantly feeling stressed? You probably already recognize your physical symptoms that indicate you are feeling stressed, like insomnia, headaches, trouble concentrating, jaw pain, and mood swings. If you are feeling stressed,  try following these simple tips to manage it: Get Exercise Walking a few times a week is a terrific way to beat [...]

Tips To Manage Stress2022-08-29T12:45:56-05:00

Are You Suffering from High-Functioning Depression?


If you manage to keep it together most of the time but have trouble feeling positive about yourself and the activities around you, you may have high-functioning depression. Use this checklist to see if these things apply to you. • You see the bad in most situations • Friends and family describe you as [...]

Are You Suffering from High-Functioning Depression?2023-02-21T12:34:05-06:00

Managing Ongoing Pandemic Stress


  In March 2020, the United States took a big gasp when officials announced that we were entering the grips of a pandemic. While everyone worked very hard to flatten the curve in the first few weeks, it has now been two years, and many people have not been able to catch a break. Therefore, [...]

Managing Ongoing Pandemic Stress2022-01-17T14:10:21-06:00