Stress Management

November 2nd: International Stress Awareness Day


November 2, 2022, is international Stress Awareness Day, as declared by the International Stress Management Association. This day always falls on the first Wednesday of November. Chronic stress over a long period can lead to more severe health concerns, so it is important to recognize chronic pressure and deal with it appropriately. What Causes Stress? [...]

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Tips To Manage Stress


Are you constantly feeling stressed? You probably already recognize your physical symptoms that indicate you are feeling stressed, like insomnia, headaches, trouble concentrating, jaw pain, and mood swings. If you are feeling stressed,  try following these simple tips to manage it: Get Exercise Walking a few times a week is a terrific way to beat [...]

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The Top 6 Benefits of Meditation


People have practiced meditation since at least the 5th century BCE. While some argue that meditation began in India, others believe its roots lie in China. Regardless, meditation can have substantial benefits in your life, according to studies done at Harvard University. There are at least six meditation benefits: Build Self-awareness and Empathy Regular meditation [...]

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Self Care When Caring For A Loved One with Mental Illness


  Many people who are caring for a loved one with a mental illness put off caring for themselves. While that may work short-term, the long-term result will be that you can end up sick, mentally or physically, yourself. Therefore, you must practice self-love while taking care of a loved one with a mental illness. [...]

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8 Great Ways to Get & Stay Inspired


  It’s all too easy to sometimes feel like we’ve fallen into a rut or a day-in-day-out routine that saps our energy and creativity, where we feel we may be coasting through parts of our lives on autopilot. It’s worth the effort to work towards becoming re-inspired in our daily lives, to find motivation and [...]

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10 Easy Ways to Promote Self Care


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” - The Buddha With living through the past year of dealing with all of the challenges of the pandemic, it’s important to remember little things in life that can add small bursts of comfort & quality to our daily lives. As we collectively [...]

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Teenagers: 5 Ways to Help Prevent Stress


Between the obligations of school, homework deadlines, tests, perhaps a part-time job, family and social responsibilities and pressures, along with physical and emotional development, the teen years can very much be a stressful time filled with disappointments, drama, and unmet expectations. This is of course is not to say it’s all bad: fun, friendships, self-discovery, [...]

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8 Ways To Help Manage Your Stress


  You may be able to lessen the bad effects of stress on your physical and mental wellbeing by following any or all of these 8 Tips: Establish and stick to a regular exercise routine- Getting regular exercise- even 30 minutes daily of walking- can help you not only get out of a mental funk [...]

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9 Ways of Dealing with Frustration and Anger


Here are some steps that you can take to help you deal with anger and frustration. Keep in mind that these complex emotions very much relate to other emotions like stress, fear, and disappointment that can be at the root cause. These steps can help prevent your feelings and reactions from getting out of control. [...]

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