Racial Disparities In Mental Health Treatment & Care


You can define disparities as unfair differences. In mental health, you can further define it as an unfair difference in access to and quality of care. Racial disparities can be defined as being denied access to or receiving lower-quality care based on your race. Research suggests that minorities, particularly those who identify themselves as African [...]

Racial Disparities In Mental Health Treatment & Care2022-06-30T10:25:25-05:00

What’s The Difference Between Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing?


  People often use the terms mental wellbeing and mental health interchangeably, but that is incorrect. Let's examine the definition of both terms and learn the differences between them. Mental Wellbeing Definition While we wished that the definition of mental wellbeing meant that your life would be problem-free, that is not the case. Instead, it [...]

What’s The Difference Between Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing?2022-05-31T11:04:57-05:00

What is the Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and a Doctor?


  If you need to find a new health care provider, you may be wondering the difference between a nurse practitioner and a medical doctor. While they both treat medical conditions and refer to specialists, including mental health professionals, they are not the same thing. Education Nurse practitioners earn a registered nurse's degree and must [...]

What is the Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and a Doctor?2022-05-24T10:32:48-05:00

What’s the Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?


Psychologists and psychiatrists both deal with mental health, but they approach it from two different perspectives. Therefore, it is essential to understand the differences between psychiatrists and psychologists. Understanding the differences can be vital in getting the type of health care you want to receive. Psychologists and psychiatrists treat many of the same conditions. Depending [...]

What’s the Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?2022-05-23T17:57:18-05:00

How Mental Health Affects Work


Daily Structure and Your Mental Health People with mental health issues benefit from having a daily routine, and work provides that routine. When people have a routine that they follow, they feel less stressed. When you have a job, you are more likely to go to bed at night and get the sleep you need. [...]

How Mental Health Affects Work2022-05-18T11:03:38-05:00

How Mental Health Affects Daily Life


  Positive mental health affects your daily life in many ways. Therefore, you should work on making it a priority every day. Physical Health Scientists are starting to understand that there is a direct correlation between your mental and physical health. A study of 10,693 individuals found that those with poor mental health did not [...]

How Mental Health Affects Daily Life2022-05-18T10:32:08-05:00

How Mental Health and Wellbeing Are Linked


  A working definition of mental health would be emotional, psychological, and social well-being while a working definition of well-being would be the state of feeling comfortable, healthy, or happy. As you can see, there is a strong coalition between the two. Then, the question becomes how you can achieve good mental health to enjoy [...]

How Mental Health and Wellbeing Are Linked2022-05-09T15:58:24-05:00

Are Mental Health Problems Increasing?


  There is no doubt that there is an increase in mental health problems in America. In 2022, 50 million Americans were experiencing an issue with their mental health. If you look at the statistics from 2019, that is 1 million more Americans. In 2022, 4.9% of the population was experiencing a severe mental [...]

Are Mental Health Problems Increasing?2022-05-02T16:03:46-05:00

Why Mental Health Matters


Approximately 20% of Americans have a mental health condition. These conditions can be caused by, or the condition worsened through poverty, community violence, and social isolation. Furthermore, many conditions are passed from one generation to the next without intervention. Your mental health is essential for many reasons. Strengthens Relationships You have a positive outlook on [...]

Why Mental Health Matters2022-04-27T16:25:19-05:00
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