Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Adults


  We must be each other’s advocates. If you think a friend, spouse, partner, or family member may be having mental health challenges, you need to care enough to discuss the issue with them and encourage them to get help. It is far easier to beg forgiveness for intervening when you misread signals than it [...]

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How Mental Health Affects Work


Daily Structure and Your Mental Health People with mental health issues benefit from having a daily routine, and work provides that routine. When people have a routine that they follow, they feel less stressed. When you have a job, you are more likely to go to bed at night and get the sleep you need. [...]

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Using Telehealth for Depression & Anxiety Treatment


If you are an individual who could benefit from depression treatment or anxiety treatment, telehealth may be the perfect solution. Also called telemedicine, there are several ways that people with depression or anxiety may benefit from telehealth. Telehealth is Convenient Telemedicine eliminates the hassles of taking a day off work and finding a sitter to [...]

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Returning to the Office Can Affect Your Mental Health


As months of working virtually are grinding to a halt, researchers are discovering a new trend. Workers who are returning to brick-and-mortar offices are reporting being depressed. In fact, 33% of workers returning to pre-COVID work routines say they are depressed. Workers give various reasons for feeling depressed, but three reasons rise to the top. [...]

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Working from Home: Ideas for Adjusting to Physical Distancing Within Your Home During Work Hours


Ideas for Balancing Productive Work and Family Life at Home The New Productivity Adjusting to working at home during the Stay at Home Order as we battle COVID-19 has presented many challenges for parents to balance home and work life, especially during working hours. Here are some ideas to consider trying so that [...]

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Domestic Violence in the Workplace


How To Identify Signs of Domestic Violence in Your Workplace From Milwaukee's FEI Behavioral Health - The Workforce Resilience Experts - As recent events have proven, acts of domestic violence in the workplace not only pose a threat to the victim but also potentially to co-workers and customers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than [...]

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What Is Insomnia? Insomnia is any sleeping problem that makes you feel that your time spent sleeping is inadequate or unrefreshing. It includes the following: difficulty falling asleep, waking up too early, waking up intermittently in the middle of the night or having a normal sleep pattern that doesn’t leave you feeling rested. Insomnia is [...]


Your Emotional Intelligence: The Secret of Being A Star Performer at Work


Most Important Quality for Being a Leader We all know a star performer at work; he or she's that person who closes the accounts the fastest, relates best to the customer or is the manager that has the respect of all the staff. We think of these `workplace celebrities' as more talented, more skilled, or [...]

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