test anxiety

Up to 40% of students experience test anxiety. These students often feel physical and psychological distress and may have trouble performing their best on tests. Sometimes, test anxiety becomes so severe that they resist tackling higher education. If you are one of these students, there are some steps you can take to lower your stress level.

Tell Yourself to Stop

Once you feel the first sign of testing stress, tell yourself to stop. Often taking deep breaths in through your nose and letting them out slowly through your mouth can help.

Prepare Adequately

Of course, if you do not spend time studying, it is natural to feel more stressed. Therefore, you must prepare for the test as far ahead as possible. On the day of the test, consider eating foods containing magnesium, zinc and Omega 3 fatty oils. You will also want to avoid drinks containing lots of sugar and caffeine because they make you feel jittery. At the same time, staying well hydrated can help calm your nerves. Of course, avoid alcohol before a test because it can cause you not to think clearly.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

While it can be challenging, eliminate negative thoughts. Using positive affirmation techniques can help. You can do a fast one right before the test. Look in a mirror and give yourself a high five. Then, tell yourself out loud that you’ve got this.

Set Realistic Expectations

If you have failed to do the work leading up to the test, then it is imperative to set realistic expectations. Instead of trying to cram all night before the test, go to bed and get a good night’s rest. Sleep will help you clearly remember what you know. If there is a question you do not know, skip it and return to it later if there is time.

Concentrate on You

Do not let others around you bother your concentration during the test. If you notice that they seem to be working faster than you, remember that they may not know the correct answers, so they may just be putting anything down.

While many students deal with test anxiety, some students experience anxiety regularly. If that describes you or your child, we are here to help. Reach out to our mental health team today.

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