How Family Therapy Helps You Work Through Issues With Loved Ones

Our family therapy sessions are designed to help family members communicate to understand one another’s needs and desires. During family counseling, roles, behaviors and boundaries are discussed.

Why Do People Come to Us for Family Therapy?

People seek family therapy when a traumatic event or loss has taken place. Other families sign up for counseling when one family member is struggling, and other members need help understanding how to support and cope.

Family therapy helps all kinds of people understand issues that are not easily understood, and can bring a family back together if it is struggling. When all parties involved can meet for a family therapy session with an open mind, big and complicated problems become smaller and more readily understood.

Family Therapy Issues

Some of the common issues tackled during family therapy sessions include:

✅  Depression, stress or anxiety among family members
✅  Substance abuse of a family member
✅  Addiction counseling
✅  Marital relationships (couples counseling, spouse counseling)
✅  Frequent arguments and conflict between family members
✅  Coping with mental illness
✅  Anger outbursts
✅  Sexual assault and abuse
✅  Parenting issues (school issues, ADHD therapy)
✅  Divorce

No matter your need for pursuing family therapy, the professionals at American Behavioral Clinics can help.

Family Therapy Outcomes

Regardless of the situation, our therapists and doctors are trained to help families identify patterns that create conflicts and find resolutions. Depending on the situation, family therapy can involve all family members or just those involved in the situation. Some family therapy situations have involved couples, one spouse, parents and children, siblings, extended families, in-laws and occasionally, even friends.

During family therapy sessions, a counselor will work with each family member to discover the stressors in the relationship and address specific issues. Individual therapy and group therapy is also available for family members needing additional treatment outside of family therapy sessions.

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