If you have trouble finding purpose in life, you may want to think about the acronym CLIMB. Working through what each letter of this word means in your own life often results in finding your life’s purpose.

Comprehend Your Uniqueness

Each person is a unique creation with a particular skill set and interests. Make a list of at least five items you love to do. Then, ask yourself why you enjoy those activities. Keep asking yourself why questions until you cannot think of any other answer. Writing this down often helps people think through why those interests are vital to them.

Lift Limitations

Think about things in your life that are holding you back. They could be emotional, financial or situational. Now, create a plan to eliminate or minimize those obstacles as much as possible. Often, others can help you overcome obstacles, but you have to be willing to share them. Empowerment in your personal and work life comes from helping others and being ready to open yourself up to the vulnerable feelings that often come with accepting help from others.

Investigate Your Interests

Only 30% of U.S. workers self-report feeling fully engaged at work. While almost every job has tedious parts that you must endure, think about a unique project that you would like to do.

If it is an individual project, talk to your boss about it. Before the meeting, decide what you want to accomplish and how it will benefit the company. Suggest that your boss allow you to add that project to your job description, even if it means that you only spend about 10% of your time doing it.

If you need the help of others, talk with your coworker about your interests and why you are passionate about the project. See if others share your passion. Then, create a project involving that interest. For example, sales associates at Walmart often band together to create fun projects to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network while wellness advocates with doTERRA help build hospitals in Haiti.


Each person is motivated by different things. It is earning enough money to buy a different car or a new outfit for some. Others want to make more money so that they have money to give away to projects that they believe strongly. Some people are motivated by spending more time with their families or the people they love. Once you decide what motivates you, find a way to keep that goal constantly in focus. It may be putting a note on a mirror in your bathroom so that you see it every day or putting a photo in your office that reminds you of why you are working so hard.

Build on Your Core Values

Once you start the climb, you will discover things that need to change. Do not get stuck in the anxiety of being afraid to make changes in your life. Even if you are wrong, you can choose a different path and try again. Discovering your core values and how you want to show them to the world gives purpose to your life.

A mountain climber standing at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro starts their ascent by taking the first step. It is the same with your life. Find the courage to take the first step, and you will discover purpose in your life.