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Gender Identity Therapist

Transgender and Gender Affirmation Therapy and Counseling In Milwaukee

Struggling with Gender Identity?

Gender Identity refers to the relationship between an individual’s sex and gender; meaning an individual’s self-expression of masculinity or feminism (gender). An individual’s gender identity could differ from his/her sex or physical appearance.
Sexual orientation refers to an individual’s sexual desires, feelings, and identification. Sexual orientation can cover many different categories but the main three are heterosexual, same-sex, and bisexual orientations.

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Gender Identity Couseling

We understand this may be a confusing point in your life. At American behavioral clinics, we offer a safe and secure environment for you to explore who you are. We have a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists to support clients through all aspects of your life. We offer a judgment free space for individuals to express how they are feeling and thinking. Our trained professionals can help you through this difficult process and gain insight into who you truly are.

  • Discover Yourself

  • Discuss With Family in A Safe Environment

  • Help Families Adapt

  • Provide Information To Families

  • Create A Safe Space to Share Your Feelings

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Our Services

Our services at ABC include individual and family therapy. Through these services, clients can get the help they need in all areas of their lives. Individual therapy provides clients the safe, secure space to discover themselves. Family therapy provides help for families that are having trouble adapting to life changes in regard to their child, sibling, or spouse. These sessions provide families with knowledge about gender identity, sexual orientation and a safe space to share their feelings.

At American Behavioral Clinics (ABC), we can help.

Dr James B Winston - ABC Founder & Psychiatrist

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Our Gender Identity Therapists, Psychologists & Psychiatrists

Our team represents a group of personable, warm, and compassionate specialists who all share a similar passion for people. Each member brings their own unique perspective and skillset to offer everybody a pathway to healing, strength and their BEST self.

  • Board Certified Psychiatrists

  • Psychiatric Nurse Prescribers

  • Psychologists

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers

  • Licensed Professional Counselors

  • Alcohol and Drug Counselors

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