work and mental health

Daily Structure and Your Mental Health

People with mental health issues benefit from having a daily routine, and work provides that routine. When people have a routine that they follow, they feel less stressed. When you have a job, you are more likely to go to bed at night and get the sleep you need. Restful sleep makes you a more creative problem solver, and it may also help improve your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Exercise and Your Mental Health

Many jobs require at least a little exercise, which is good for your mental health. Exercise helps to increase your self-esteem. It has also been shown to decrease depression and increase one’s ability to solve problems creatively. The happy hormones released when you exercise often leave you in a better mood.

Social Connections

Most people who go to work make social connections with other people they work with, and these healthy relationships help them experience better mental health. Many people find that their stress level becomes lower because they can get someone else’s input on situations that are bothering them. People feel an increase in meaning and purpose in their life and are more likely to feel connected to those around them.

Sense of Stability

Work can provide a sense of stability when life gets rough. If you are good at your job, it can boost your self-esteem. Therefore, you are more likely to ignore minor inconveniences outside of work. It can be a grounding point that allows you to get through other troublesome things in life.

Intellectual Challenges

If your job is intellectually challenging, you are less likely to be focused on other challenges you face for several hours daily. This is a super way to give yourself a break from thinking about problems because it forces you to concentrate on the here and now. The result is that once you go back to thinking about a challenge, you are more likely to find a workable solution.

Money for Enjoyable Activities

Assuming you are working in a paying position, work increases your income. Then, you have more money to spend on activities that you enjoy. In many cases, these people find that doing their hobbies allows them to feel socially connected and intellectually challenged, which improves their mental health. For many others, traveling and enjoying recreational vehicles gives them a sense of feeling connected to the world.



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