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With empathy and care, we offer insights that can help you show your mom she’s special this Mother’s Day. If you’re used to traditional celebrations, our advice may surprise you.

Ask Mom What She Really Wants

Commonly, folks treat Mom to Mother’s Day brunch, and that’s certainly a valid way to commemorate the day. Still, before you make reservations, consider whether your mom truly enjoys this typical option. If you’re not sure she actually wants brunch for Mother’s Day, we recommend you ask her.

The mom in your life might prefer a little peace and quiet, especially if she has young children. Statistics recently published by Pew Research demonstrate that modern moms still carry more child-rearing responsibilities than their partners.

No matter a mom’s life stage, she might simply prefer to avoid crowds.

Rather than assume what the day’s guest of honor would enjoy, offer her a list of options before Mother’s Day arrives:

  • Elegant brunch or a steak dinner in Milwaukee 
  • Luxury spa day
  • Time for herself
  • Unique outdoor activities
  • Big gathering with extended family

Going the above route improves the potential that Mom will be happy on Mother’s Day.

Is the Mom in Your Life Generally Happy?

Some folks’ personalities make them disinterested in attention. Meanwhile, avoidance of attention and celebrations may indicate that someone is unhappy or depressed.

If the mother you adore has recently become unexpectedly averse to being celebrated, she may be experiencing an impasse that requires more than a special day on the calendar to address.

Fortunately, if the mom you love is currently struggling, relief is available through American Behavioral Clinics. At locations throughout Greater Milwaukee, we expertly provide a wide spectrum of mental healthcare services. To learn more, connect with us today.

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