If you’re a weather watcher, you might know June is the wettest month of the year in the Milwaukee area. Due to summer’s heat, June’s rain often falls from thunderstorms.

According to a study from Ball State University, “About 85 percent of respondents reported having at least some degree of severe-weather fear.” The 2014 study also noted that roughly 10 percent of Americans have phobias related to severe weather.

Do you consider yourself exceptionally afraid of thunderstorms? The above data proves that you are clearly not alone.

Your Fears of Thunder and Lightning Are Valid

Give yourself grace about your thunderstorm fears. It’s normal to take shelter during a thunderstorm. In fact, it’s smart.

If your fears about thunder and lightning feel extremely traumatic or debilitating, we invite you to talk to us.

Do You Currently Navigate Your Fear in a Healthy Manner?

Some folks turn to alcohol or other substances when intense fear arises. We recommend remaining sober in case a weather event becomes extreme.

Reduce Your Stress With Tactics and Tools

You may already ride out thunderstorms in a well-protected area of your home. Keep doing that. Place a flashlight and something to read nearby to give you a pleasant distraction for the next storm.

Also, familiarize yourself with top weather apps to help you stay aware of watches and warnings from the National Weather Service. On the NWS’s website, you’ll find a thorough resource for dealing with storm stress and anxiety.

Fight Intense Fears of Severe Weather With Expert Assistance

We all have instances in life that are best navigated with help from others. If you need to talk to someone about your fears induced by thunderstorms, count on our team of compassionate behavioral health professionals at American Behavioral Clinics.

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