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In modern society, we regularly encounter news and conversations about ADHD, which may play a role in suspecting that a loved one faces the condition. If you think someone you love struggles with ADHD, we can help you properly and easily obtain a diagnosis at American Behavioral Clinics.

How Does Suspected ADHD Become Confirmed?

Your suspicions about potential ADHD are valid. An extensive study published by JAMA Network Open in 2023 established that just over 10% of American minors live with the condition. Of course, adults are impacted by ADHD, too. It is a lifelong condition.

For optimal mental health, ADHD should not be self-diagnosed. Only a clinician can properly diagnose ADHD. And clinicians typically rely on a fast, convenient tool we call the TOVA test.

Short for Test of Variables of Attention, TOVA uses a relatively brief session in front of a computer screen to evaluate a person’s capacity for focusing their attention. Here are important TOVA test highlights:

  • The test evaluates responses to squares flashed on a computer screen.
  • Its proprietary technology produces an interpretation of 29 independently calculated scores.
  • The test’s results will show the patient’s capacity to pay attention in low-arousal and high-arousal situations.

Taking a TOVA test is a lot like playing a basic video game with a single-button controller for about 20 minutes. Just remember that TOVA has no high scores, and wrong answers are part of the process.

Who Can Benefit From a TOVA Test?

While folks commonly link ADHD and youth, the TOVA test produces reports for nearly every age:

  • Preschool beginning with four-year-olds
  • School-Age
  • Adult extending past 80 years old

Clearly, a person can benefit from a proper ADHD diagnosis during almost any life stage.

Uncertainty about a loved one’s ADHD status causes unnecessary stress. This reliable and convenient test offers peace of mind. To ask questions or schedule a TOVA test appointment in the Milwaukee area, contact our experienced team at American Behavioral Clinics today.

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