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Self-care has been emphasized in recent popular culture. Meditation, exercise and maintaining healthy relationships offer benefits that can boost mental health. Importantly, self-medicating is often not a valid form of self-care.

Self-Medicating Can Be Problematic

As defined by the Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine, “Self-medication is the use of medications, treatments, and/or substances by an individual without a medical prescription.”

Now, a person might quip about self-care when raising a glass of alcohol for a toast, but that moment of levity could be masking a deeper problem. While someone we love may briefly find relief in a mind-altering substance, self-medicating cannot treat the whole person.

Sadly, the practice can also cause dependence or addiction.

Researching on the Internet Is No Substitute for Professional Training and Expertise

Modern technology offers everyone the potential to self-diagnose a wide variety of ailments. Still, websites, no matter how responsibly published, cannot compete with trained, experienced healthcare professionals’ insights.

Nobody asks their auto mechanic to do their taxes. Likewise, we cannot adequately rely on self-diagnosis of a psychological issue when we have access to mental health professionals.

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