Today, let’s explore procrastination’s role in your life. Understanding your relationship with procrastination can help you achieve fulfillment and personal success.

Someone may have labeled you a procrastinator. They may as well have called you human because almost everyone procrastinates sometimes.

Still, if you find yourself rarely accomplishing anything, you may want to examine your tendency to procrastinate.

Multiple Factors Can Cause Procrastination

Why do we procrastinate? The answer is not always simple:

  • High levels of distraction
  • Perfectionism
  • The fear of failure
  • Mental fatigue
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • No motivation
  • Childhood trauma

If you see yourself within that list, you are a human being who, like anyone, deserves empathy.

How to Strategically Manage Procrastination

No universal method for overcoming procrastination exists. You need to find the strategy that works for you. Start with the suggestions offered in a stellar article published online by Boise State University. Here is a summary:

  • Minimize your total daily decisions.
  • Plan each day’s tasks ahead of time.
  • Strongly tell yourself that you must complete your most important daily task before doing anything else.
  • Focus on doable tasks.
  • Develop a suitable environment for the task at hand.

How do you find out which tactic is the best for you? Try them all until one clicks.

What Can You Do If You Feel Constantly Overwhelmed?

Is motivation extremely difficult for you? Do you perpetually procrastinate? You probably feel overwhelmed regularly. Due to the complexities associated with the subject, your relationship with procrastination may best be addressed with the help of our expert team at American Behavioral Clinics. Talk to us. We’re professionals who listen.

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