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Many seniors find that they become more isolated as they age. It may be harder physically to get together with friends. Some people who were essential to the senior’s mental health may have passed on. If you care for a senior, consider these ideas to improve their mental health.

Encourage Them to Volunteer

Even if the senior cannot get around very well anymore, there are fantastic online volunteer opportunities where they can work with others on a project that is important to them. If they can still drive and get around well, there are many community opportunities. Consider having them connect with the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program in their area to find out about particular opportunities.

Play Games

Game playing can be a terrific way for seniors to connect with other people. You may want to plan a game night at the senior’s home with other family members. Many community groups have game nights. You can also find options that you and the senior can play online, even when you are in two vastly different places. It is especially helpful if the senior has to engage their mind to beat their opponents.

Check Physical Health

Many older adults find that they start having more medical issues, leading to a decline in mental health. Schedule at least an annual physical since the two are often tightly connected. You may also want to make sure that they are following the doctor’s orders when taking their medicine and eating properly. Make sure they stay properly hydrated. Sometimes, medicine apps and meal delivery services can help.

Peace of Mind With Preplanning

While never an easy topic to talk about, people often have peace of mind knowing that their future health, long-term care planning, and funeral needs are taken care of. Knowing that their wishes will be kept moving forward can be a great source of comfort. It is smart to have a power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and a will and/or a trust set up. Learn more about legal services for the elderly here.

Get Older Adults Moving

Physical activity releases happy hormones into the senior’s bloodstream. Therefore, try to get the senior to exercise regularly. If they hate to exercise, have them help you with outside lawn or indoor cleaning tasks. This is often good exercise and allows the senior to feel still helpful.

Good mental health is vital at any age. If you have concerns about a senior that you love or you are a senior who needs to improve their mental health, then we are ready to assist you. Contact American Behavioral Clinics today.



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