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A study of 2,358 respondents discovered that stress was a more significant issue in some professions than others. While the pandemic directly impacted the amount of stress in some occupations, most professionals say they are more concerned about the amount of student debt they took on.


The profession with the most stress is veterinarian. They say they face a lot of stress because of having to euthanize animals they could not save. Over 82% of veterinarians responding to the survey say they are stressed, and 12% say they have contemplated suicide.


The second-most stressed profession is psychologist, with 79% saying they feel anxious. One of the most significant reasons is that many have amassed over $255,000 in student debt. Yet, they are only bringing home about $75,000. Over 12% say that they have considered suicide.

Social Workers

Many social workers have trouble leaving their job at work and enjoying their free time. Since most states require a social worker to have a master’s degree, these professionals average having $125,000 in student debt. About 8% say they have contemplated suicide, and about 93% report feeling stressed by COVID or student debt.

Nonprofit Professionals

Many nonprofit professionals do not have adequate insurance. They also are some of the best educated of all professionals. The combination means that about 71% feel depressed while 87% feel stressed. About 3% admit that they have suicidal thoughts.


Counselors often feel exhausted emotionally, which has led about 12% of them to consider suicide. Almost 50% of them feel depressed and 77% of them feel anxious. This number may increase even more as calls to suicide hotlines increase, and they are often the people answering these calls.


On average, an optometrist amasses $225,000 in student loan debt. Many entered the program with dreams of owning their practice someday. Yet, many have been forced to sell to optical companies, often paying low wages. About 8% of them have considered suicide because of COVID or student loan debt.

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