Conditions We Treat


Not sure when is a good time to get help? Don’t wait until your thought of maybe getting help turns into “now, I need help.” Like most, you may prefer to handle as many problems on your own as you can, but at some point, you may need help. [...]

Marriage & Family


At American Behavioral Clinics, we provide counsel to marriages and families in crisis or transition. What is Marriage and Family Therapy? Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) is also referred to as couples and family therapy, marriage or couples counseling, or family counseling. This type [...]

Psychological Testing


If you are seeking psychological testing, you deserve an accurate and therapeutic evaluation. At American Behavioral Clinics, we provide accurate, high-quality psychological testing and evaluations that are performed by our trained and experienced psychologists. We will match you with a psychologist whose expertise fit [...]

TMS Therapy


At American Behavioral Clinics, we can help give back what depression has taken away from you. Healthy relationships, physical energy, quality of life–everyone’s list is different. But the first thing we give back to all our patients is hope. Hope in a treatment that’s truly unique. Hope in long-lasting [...]

Group Therapy


Patients have the opportunity to meet with others who may relate to their current condition. Groups meet under the supervision of a therapist who guides the sessions. Depending on the group’s needs, our therapists will guide the questions and discussions to bring out the most productive group session. [...]

Specialty Care Services


Through American Behavioral Clinics’ specialty care services, you have access to expert knowledge to optimize treatment in unique or complicated courses of care. Our specialty care providers focus on particular areas of care in which they have extensive training. Genetic Testing Medications don’t [...]