American Behavioral Clinics offers substance abuse therapy programs for those suffering from addiction and other behavioral health issues. We also provide substance abuse therapy for the family members struggling to cope with their loved one’s addiction.

Despite the awareness campaigns on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, substance abuse is a common problem in the U.S. that claims the lives of users every day. Sometimes it seems that every week there’s a new drug that people are quickly becoming addicted to.

As modern medicine continues to develop new drugs, new prescription medications and synthetic drugs are available. Unfortunately, all too often people become addicted to these substances. Today more than ever, our homes, schools and workplaces need better substance abuse therapy.

Substance Abuse Therapy & Treatment of Mental Health Disorders

Many people who suffer from mental and behavioral health disorders also struggle with substance abuse. Some turn to abusing drugs and alcohol as a way to alleviate symptoms of the disorder, or to find relief from the stress it brings.

Our trained doctors & therapists know how to work with patients suffering from substance abuse because of a mental health disorder. We provide a balanced comprehensive substance abuse therapy program that addresses each area of a patient’s struggle. Our end goal is to help patients restore emotional wellbeing while abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Recovery Programs

Addictive behaviors can occur at any age. Take advantage of ABC’s treatment for adolescents, adults, and seniors who experience conditions such as:

✅  Alcohol Dependency / Abuse
✅  Chemical Dependency / Abuse
✅  Substance Abuse
✅  Compulsive Gambling
✅  Pain Management
✅  Suboxone Prescription and Monitoring

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our approach to treatment is thorough and administered by trained professionals who are experienced in assisting patients through substance abuse recovery. We may recommend a combination of psychotherapy and psychiatric (medicated) steps to assist a patient to recovery, depending on the patient’s specific needs and situation. We work to create a custom substance abuse therapy treatment plan for each patient.

Our goal is to assist patients to a better life with better choices and behavioral health.

Get on the road to recovery from substance abuse for better behavioral health.

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