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What is Child-Parent Relationship Therapy?

As a parent, you might not know how to navigate your role in your child’s behavioral or mental health issues. You want to protect and do the best for your child, but your best intentions may not be exactly what your child needs. Your child’s experience can be difficult for you to understand, and vice versa.

Therefore, you may feel inadequate as a parent, and your child might continue to express their needs and emotions in unhealthy ways.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy can create, restore and grow the bond between a child and their parents. This evidence-based treatment method promotes healthy attachment and allows you to adequately and appropriately respond to your child’s emotional needs.

What to Expect From Child-Parent Relationship Therapy?

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, or CPRT is an  interactive and fun therapy is that helps parents and children get to know each other better. It is conducted in a casual setting, where parents play with their children and observe their behaviors and interactions.

During the session, our certified CPRT professional will help parents learn skills for:
• Attuning to their children’s emotions
• Identifying underlying needs related to undesirable behavior
• Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
• Demonstrating respect and empathy for their child

These sessions continue in a group setting for several weeks. Parents will typically learn one new skill each week. They can practice this skill at home to encourage positive interactions and habits.

Who is Child-Parent Relationship Therapy For?

CPRT was designed to work with children between the ages three and eight. However, it has been adapted for use in toddlers as well as pre-teens. If your child is acting out and you are at a loss on how to work with them, CRPT is a good solution to learn how to effectively communicate with your child.

If your child is experiencing issues similar to the following, you might want to consider CPRT:

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What Can Child-Parent Relationship Therapy Help With?

It never hurts to create a solid foundation of trust between a child and their parents or caregivers. But things can get confusing when you’re trying to set boundaries and redirect inappropriate behavior while supporting your child’s needs or emotions. Parenting can be frustrating. The methods that you use to correct problematic behavior and encourage a positive relationship with your child might not be working.

In Child-Parent RelationshipTherapy, you’ll learn how to create a safe environment in which you and your child can interact in meaningful, expressive, respectful and responsive ways. Some of the benefits of this methodology include:

  • Improve Communication skills

  • Respond effectively to child

  • Learn about your child’s behavior

  • Become more playful around your child

  • Develop a closeness to your child

  • Learn skills for effective parenting

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I Think My Child Needs A Therapist – Where do I Start?

You can start by contacting us! We will learn more about your child’s condition and recommend a therapist based on your needs. Whether you want in-person therapy or teletherapy, we have a licensed therapist available to help them.

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