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What Does A Child and Teen Psychiatrist Do?

Are you feeling worried and alone? This is expected when you have concerns about how your child is feeling or behaving. Fortunately, our psychiatrists who specialize in children and teens, are available to help.

Our child psychiatrists provide treatment to kids and adolescents. They’re fully trained medical providers with the ability to diagnose disorders and write prescriptions.

Though many people think of adults when it comes to psychiatric issues, mental health problems can affect individuals at any age. However, those problems might manifest differently in children and adolescents because of their particular stages of development. Our child and teen psychiatrists are experts in those stages and recognize the unique ways children and teens might express their distress and can treat these conditions effectively.

How Can I Tell if My Child Needs a Psychiatrist?

Children and teens aren’t always communicators extraordinaire. They haven’t had the time to develop the communication skills one would expect from adults. Nonetheless, parents often notice when something is “off” about their child. If you’ve seen any of the following symptoms, a child psychiatrist might be able to help:

What Conditions can A Child and Teen Psychiatrist Treat?

Our child and teen psychiatrists have extensive experience diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with a variety of mental health conditions. After a thorough evaluation, our psychiatrists will recommend a treatment plan of medications or therapy or a combination of both.

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What Medications Do Child and Teen Psychiatrists Use?

Our child and teen psychiatrists will do a thorough examination before prescribing medications. The medication chosen will be based on the diagnosis and can range from anti-depressants, anti anxiety medications, mood stabilizers, stimulants, ADHD medications and more. This may be prescribed alongside therapy if needed.

Do I need a Therapist or a Psychiatrist?

Therapists often focus on minimizing behavioral or emotional issues by using talk therapy to help children and teens develop coping mechanisms. Play therapy is common for young children who might struggle to express themselves.

On the other hand, psychiatrists come at mental illness from a medical perspective. They often prescribe medication to address problematic neurochemical issues that contribute to depression, anxiety, or other problems.

Even if a child or teen does need a therapist, psychiatric care could make therapy more effective. Many studies indicate that a combination of therapy and medicine works best to treat some disorders. It’s difficult to participate successfully in therapy when your brain is struggling to function, but medication might solve that issue for some kids.

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How Do I Find a Psychiatrist for My Child or Teen?

Finding the right psychiatrist is hard enough for an adult; finding one for a child or teen can feel even more challenging. Fortunately, you can start the process by getting in touch with us! We’ll discuss your child’s issues and symptoms before recommending the psychiatrist we believe would suit them best. Best of all, the process is quick – no need to worry about spending months or even years on waitlists.

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