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What do Child and Teen Therapists Do?

Mental illness isn’t limited by any demographic, even age. Everyone is susceptible — including children and teens. At American Behavioral clinics, we have therapists who specialize in and care for the mental and emotional well-being of children and teens.

Although young children and teens can have similar mental health issues as adults, the symptoms of these conditions may manifest in different ways and therefore need to be treated differently than adults. From parent-child interaction therapy to play therapy and pediatric psychiatry, our therapists are well versed in different methods to help your child develop new coping mechanisms and thought patterns that will serve them well into adulthood.

How do I know My Child or Teen needs Therapy?

Parents tend to get a feeling that their child or teen isn’t their normal self, or just not acting right, but just can’t put a finger on what exactly is wrong with their child. It can be frustrating and feel like there is no one to turn to. Typically when we see children, they have some of these behaviors:

What Conditions can A Child and Teen Therapist Treat?

We treat children and teens with a variety of mental health issues. Many times, a parent can’t tell specifically what condition their child has, but knows that they are not developing normal coping skills or behaviors and come to us for help. We are here to help get to the bottom of your child or teens issues and help them recover.

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What Kinds Of Therapies Do We Use?

Based on your child or teens mental and physical age, we will apply different therapies to help them recover. For younger children, we typically use parent-child interaction therapy to pediatric psychology and play therapy, and for teens and adolescents, we typically use cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Do I need a Therapist or a Psychiatrist?

That is a great question! Both therapists and psychiatrists can treat similar conditions. The difference between a Psychiatrist and a Therapist have to do with training and the approach to treating mental illness.

Therapists licensed in their modality with a degree in psychology and focus on treating the emotional/mental state of the patient and use more behavioral intervention to help treat mental conditions. Therapists typically treat mental health using one-on-one therapy, group therapy, couples therapy and support groups.

Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who can prescribe medications and take a more medical approach to treating mental illness.

Both psychiatry and therapy can be prescribed together to create a more holistic approach to mental health treatment. A big part of the decision to use one or the other comes down to your personal preference, but our team can help you decide as well based on your child’s condition.

It's okay to ask for help

I Think My Child Needs A Therapist – Where do I Start?

You can start by contacting us! We will learn more about your child’s condition and recommend a therapist based on your needs. Whether you want in-person therapy or teletherapy, we have a licensed therapist available to help them.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide quick access to care. Unlike most clinics, you can get an appointment with us within a week! Just call us today and we can help!

Dr James B Winston - ABC Founder & Psychiatrist

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