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Couples Therapy — What Does a Couples Therapist Do?

Today, you may find yourself at a point in your relationship’s journey that seems tough to get past. We imagine, though, your life experience tells you that tough times come, but they also go. Likewise, good times return. 

An experienced couples therapist can help you and your partner navigate life’s troubling currents. Though you may have heard this practice called marriage counseling, all types of couples can use couples therapy to resolve conflicts and strengthen their bonds. Of course, some couples realize during the counseling journey that they may be better off parting and leading separate lives.

Proper couples therapy comes from licensed therapists known professionally as marriage and family therapists. If you see LMFT after someone’s name on a website, you’re dealing with a licensed couples therapist. Typically, couples’ journeys through this type of relationship counseling last about a dozen sessions, but every couple is unique, naturally. Both partners usually attend the sessions together, though some one-on-one sessions may arise, depending upon a given relationship’s challenges. Your relationship’s session plan will be tailored to your situation, and it may change along your therapy journey.

What Relationship Issues Can a Couples Therapist Address?

Regardless of your marital status or sexual orientation, professional couples counseling can aid your intimate relationship. We strengthen long-established relationships and new ones. After all, understanding one’s partner better can benefit any pairing.

If you’ve recently become engaged, consider couples therapy with your soon-to-be spouse. Completing your therapy journey before your wedding day may improve your chances of extended newlywed bliss.

Any couple can turn to our experienced LMFTs to help resolve issues around:

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We Offer Online and In-Person Therapy Sessions for Couples Like Yours

In this busy world, we help you take advantage of today’s tech through online couples therapy sessions. Of course, we serve our local community with in-person appointments for couples, too. 

Our flexible variety of sessions is helping more couples realize the value of relationship therapy for:

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How to Get the Most From Couples Therapy

Before you arrive for your first session, genuinely try to sit down with your partner. Generously consider your current struggles and whether you still share core values and big goals. Ask each other what you hope to gain via your couples therapy journey.

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You are taking a big step as a couple, so we encourage you to:

Enter this process with open minds and hearts.

Commit to your therapy journey, as individuals and as a couple.

Be willing to change.

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Couples Therapy Feels Right for Us. How Do We Start?

You can conveniently contact us! We will empathetically discuss relationship issues and needs, and we will recommend a couples therapist to help you and your partner. Whether you prefer in-person sessions, teletherapy or online sessions, we have a licensed therapist available to meet your needs.

We are proud of providing quick access to care. If you need a couples therapy session within a week, simply call us today! We can help you and your partner!

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