If you are seeking psychological testing, you deserve an accurate and therapeutic evaluation. At American Behavioral Clinics, we provide accurate, high-quality psychological testing and evaluations that are performed by our trained and experienced psychologists. We will match you with a psychologist whose expertise fit your needs.

Psychological Testing Program

American Behavioral Clinics provides psychological testing services for both children and adults. If you or a family member is interested in or referred for psychological testing, you probably have some questions about what to expect. Or you may have heard about psychological testing and wonder if you or a family member should be tested. Psychological testing can be an intimidating concept, but in reality, it is a powerful and highly useful tool to help you.

We want you to understand the reason for psychological testing, the benefits and uses of our psychological testing program, what to expect from our process, and Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are interested in scheduling psychological testing, please call (414) 877-4570 and choose the nearest ABC Location to ask for a psychological testing interview.

Why Psychological Testing with our Psychology Specialists?

They are Medical Tests

Psychological testing is very similar to, and just as important, as medical tests, such as x-rays or blood tests. Just as your primary care doctor would use those tests to put together a treatment plan to help you feel better, psychologists do the same to help a wide range of problems.

Usually, a clinical interview and historical information are sufficient enough for diagnosis and assessment. However, there are situations where psychological testing is necessary to provide thorough information that may not be readily apparent. Psychological testing is one way of helping us to make/confirm a diagnosis, treatment plan, and response to treatment.

Who May Benefit from Testing?

We Administer Tests and Assessments for a Variety of Reasons

✅  When underlying cause of a person’s problem isn’t always clear. Patients or providers may feel stuck or unsure how to make progress. Psychological tests and assessments help determine the best course of treatment.

✅  If a person is having problems at work or in personal relationships, test can help a psychologist understand whether he or she might have issues with anger management or interpersonal skills pr certain personality traits that contribute to the problem.

✅  Other tests to evaluate whether the clients are experiencing emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Common Reasons for Referring Children and Adults for Psychological Testing

✅  Concerns about a person’s intellectual abilities (not performing in school, poor problem-solving poor comprehension, school readiness)
✅  Concerns about possible learning disabilities (language, visual or auditory processing problems, motor skill delays)
✅  Concerns about attention deficit disorder (inattentive, impulsive, hyperactive)
✅  Concerns about the person’s emotional functioning (interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, coping abilities, trauma, depression, anxiety)

If a child or an adult is struggling in school, psychological testing and assessment can help identify a specific disability, and allow the person to receive proper accommodations. Children can also be assessed when behavioral issues or issues with impulse-control are present in the home or school environment. Testing reports can be beneficial to allow schools or other professionals to be a partner in interventions.

Our testing program helps ensure our clients receive the best treatment and support that’s tailored to his or her individual needs.

The Testing Process & Timeline

What to Expect

The testing process typically requires 4-12 ours of time depending on the diagnosis and history. Not all this time is spent directly with the patient. The total time requested for the assessment includes: test administration, scoring, interpretation, report writing and feedback. We realize that the time matters in these situations, but we also make sue to do comprehensive work so that we get to the root of questions posed and provide you with better answers. We will do our best to complete the process as quickly as possible, but please expect that it may take 3-6 weeks for a comprehensive evaluation. The more available you are, the quicker the process will go.

Step 1: Interview. The first step is to set-up an initial interview. In this interview we want to understand the issues you are facing. This helps us to determine is testing would be helpful. The 50 to 90 minutes (approximately) appointment which is subject to copay/payment at time of service.

Step 2: Testing Authorization is Requested. Authorization from insurance company must be in place for testing to occur (this can take a few days for approval from insurance company). Our staff will submit the authorization request after the first interview.

Step 3: Testing. In many situations, testing can be helpful. We use the most up-to-date testing materials that are very accurate. Testing generally takes 3-6 hours to complete and sometimes require separate appointments. The tests include any number of psychological tests depending on the nature of the questions posed. The testing process can also include interviews with significant others (such as parents, spouses, or teachers) as well as review of past records and relevant documents.

The dates and times will be determined by the schedule of clinicians and the client. Copay/Payment of testing is due at the time of testing.

Step 4: Report Session. This is a 50-minute (approximately) appointment. Our goal is to schedule feedback a session 1-2 weeks after all the testing is complete. In this session, we go over findings with you in-person and answer any questions you may have. Your full report will be ready the day of the feedback session.

In the report you will find the results from various tests given, diagnoses, and recommendations. The report can be used to assist treatment, with medical professionals, schools, or other agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing should vary depending on your specific needs, but common activities include completion questionnaires to provide information about your symptoms and behaviors, participating in problem-solving activities or other similar tasks, and participating in an interview. If your child is being tested, he or she may meet alone with an evaluator, or you may be invited to participate.

Please be sure to get good sleep and to eat a meal prior to your testing appointment. If you are being tested for ADHD we ask that you not take any stimulants medications (including ADHD medication, caffeinated drinks, and street drugs) prior to your appointment since these substances make it harder for us to determine whether you have ADHD. Please arrive on time. These things will help us to provide the best possible service to you and will help you get accurate results.

When you come to our clinic, we want to get to know you, your needs, and your concerns thoroughly. Usually, psychological testing involves 2-4 appointments lasting approximately 2 hours each. After you complete testing, it takes us up to 6 hours to complete the report of our findings. We will have results prepared for you within 2 weeks after testing is complete.

If you have completed testing before, please bring those records to your first testing appointment. Please feel free to bring any records you think may be relevant.

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