Through American Behavioral Clinics’ specialty care services, you have access to expert knowledge to optimize treatment in unique or complicated courses of care. Our specialty care providers focus on particular areas of care in which they have extensive training.

Genetic Testing

Medications don’t work the same for everyone. If you’ve ever tried a medication that didn’t work or caused unwanted side effects, then you were on a medication that didn’t match your genetics. Your genes influence the way your body responds to specific mediations. At ABC, our providers may use GeneSight to analyze your genes to select the right medications that are more likely to work better for you.

What is the Process?
Step 1:  A cheek swab is used to collect DNA
Step 2:  Your sample is sent a GeneSight accredited lab where it’s analyzed
Step 3:  In 36 hours, your personal genetic data report is ready for your ABC provider

Ask us about GeneSight Testing! It’s super easy and covered by most insurances.


Our licensed and trained therapist uses hypnotherapy techniques that put you in a heightened state of concentration or awareness. While in the hypnotic state, your attention is focused and thus more open to messages about breaking bad habits or changing in other positive ways.

How Does Hypnosis Work?
During your counseling or therapy session, hypnosis may be used as an aid to allow our licensed therapist to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories that may have been buried from your conscious mind. Additionally, hypnotherapy enables you to perceive some things differently, such as blocking an awareness of pain.

What Are the Benefits?
The hypnotic state allows you to be more open to discussion and better able to respond to suggestion. It can improve the success of other treatments for conditions, including:

✅ Anxiety, fears, and Phobias
✅ Depression
✅ Grief and Loss
✅ Sleep Disorders
✅ Stress
✅ Smoking
✅ Weight loss

Exposure Therapy

Our licensed and trained therapist at ABC uses exposure therapy techniques to help treat anxiety disorders by exposing you to the situations or objects you fear. The therapist will carefully and systematically expose you to your anxiety source or it’s setting without any danger present.

How Does Exposure Therapy Work?
In session, your therapist may ask you to imagine the scary situation you fear most, or may you confront it in real life. Through repeated exposures to your fear, you’ll feel an increasing sense of control over the situation and your anxiety will diminish.

What to Expect
Exposure therapy usually starts by using systematic desensitization, which is a step-by-step approach that allows you to gradually challenge your fears, build your confidence, and master skills for controlling panic and anxiety. Facing your biggest fear right away may be traumatizing. Therefore, using the systematic desensitization approach under the guidance of your therapist will enable you to complete each step without feeling overly distressed.

In-House Pharmacy

Genoa Healthcare provides a range of pharmacy services that fit your needs.

✅ Time saving
✅ Fast and convenient prescription fills
✅ Same day refill as your appointment
✅ Save money as you fill ALL your medications and vitamins
✅ Save time with delivery/mail options
✅ Accepts most insurances (if not, they will work with you)
✅ Prior authorization assistance
✅ Reminder calls

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