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SPRAVATO®  Therapy — Is This Revolutionary Nasal Spray the Answer to Your Depression?

We share the information on this page with significant empathy and hope. Your depression is real. Spravato therapy, a revolutionary approach to depression treatment is very real, too.

Could SPRAVATO®  Work for You?

We are all unique in this world. Your wonderful uniqueness may have contributed to temporary roadblocks during previous attempts to treat your depression. SPRAVATO®  may help you drive smoothly around those roadblocks.

Under FDA guidelines, you can qualify for SPRAVATO® therapy if you have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation.


This new nasal spray is a brand of SPRAVATO (esketamine). That’s not a misspelling of ketamine. In fact, it’s a new drug.

You may know someone whose depression was treated with ketamine in recent years. They may have told you about the drug treatment’s success and memorable side effects. SPRAVATO (esketamine) is derived from ketamine in a lab setting.

Subsequently, SPRAVATO (esketamine) is more potent than ketamine. That potency enables us to provide it in lower doses. As a result, SPRAVATO (esketamine) produces reduced side effects.

What Will Your SPRAVATO® Treatment Experience Be Like?

We prescribe SPRAVATO (esketamine) alongside a conventional antidepressant, as regulated by the FDA. This method lets the two medicines work as a team. The SPRAVATO (esketamine) spray takes the lead role early in the treatment cycle. Next, the conventional medication picks up the ball.

Each convenient SPRAVATO® therapy session occurs at one of our relaxing clinics. You will arrive as an outpatient and:

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What’s Unique About the Way SPRAVATO® Treats Depression?

Medications that preceded this new class of prescription drugs maximized your nervous system’s messengers, mainly dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. SPRAVATO (esketamine) simply directs its energy at the brain’s most abundant messenger, which is glutamate.

As a result, you may experience:

  • Rapid depression relief
  • Real progress, even if other treatment attempts haven’t worked
  • New neural-pathway construction
  • Decreased suicidal thoughts

If SPRAVATO® Therapy Sounds Like Your Next Step, Let’s Take It Together

We are on this journey with you at American Behavioral Clinics. You only need to contact us. Our caring team will help you take the steps toward your first SPRAVATO (esketamine) therapy appointment. We will thoughtfully answer all your questions, too. Reach out to us. We’re right here.

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