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Our online psychiatrists are here for you, wherever you are!

American Behavioral Clinics, with multiple locations in the Milwaukee area, is now offering the convenience of online psychiatry, counseling, and telepsychiatry. We operate using a patient-centered approach to mental health treatment that focuses on your strengths. We are happy to provide web-based sessions that are as secure and confidential as an actual office visit from the comfort of your own home.

Forget about long time waits or finding transportation. If you want to receive counseling or social assistance from one of our experienced providers, we are happy to schedule an appointment today.

Virtually Visit an online psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, or therapist by video or phone.

Visits are convenient, private and secure. Protection is our priority.

Avoid the inconvenience and high costs of going to the emergency room.

Prescriptions can be sent directly to your local pharmacy.

What is Telemedicine?

Telehealth is the practice of providing behavioral health care services to patients through the use of interactive audio and video technology, permitting real-time communication between the patient at the originating site and the provider, for the purpose of diagnosis, consultation, or treatment. This can take the form of real-time video chats, secure email, or phone calls. Although we offer telepsychiatry, we also accept visits at our locations throughout Milwaukee as well for those looking for face-to-face meetings.

How our Milwaukee Telepsychiatry Works

  • You’ll connect with an ABC mental health provider located in Milwaukee, WI using a secure, live video chat technology.
  • The video platform used is similar to other video conferencing platforms such as Skype, but is offered through a secure, encrypted service.
  • Together, ABC Telehealth caregivers will develop a personalized plan to meet your mental health needs.

Benefits of Telemedicine with an Online Psychiatrist

  • Specialized care for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.
  • Treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, and more.
  • Care for behavioral and developmental disorders.
  • Accessible support when you need it most.
  • Flexibility if you may have difficulty traveling to an office due to physical limitations, travel limitations, work schedules, and childcare arrangements.

Over 50 million Americans each year suffer from mental health issues. Many do not seek help due to barriers.

Advantages of  Telepsychiatry and Online Psychiatry with American Behavioral Clinics

Telepsychiatry and online psychiatry offer several advantages compared to in-person therapy sessions:

  1. Accessibility:
    • Geographical Reach: People living in remote or rural areas can access psychiatric care without needing to travel long distances.
    • Mobility Issues: Individuals with physical disabilities or mobility issues can receive care more easily.
  2. Convenience:
    • Flexible Scheduling: Patients can schedule sessions outside of traditional office hours, making it easier to fit therapy into their busy lives.
    • Comfort of Home: Patients can participate in sessions from their own homes, which can make them feel more comfortable and open during therapy.
  3. Reduced Stigma:
    • Privacy: Patients might feel less self-conscious about seeking therapy since they don’t have to visit a physical location, reducing the stigma associated with mental health care.
  4. Cost-Effective:
    • Travel Savings: No travel expenses or time spent commuting.
    • Reduced Overhead: Providers might have lower overhead costs, potentially leading to lower fees for patients.
  5. Continuity of Care:
    • Consistency: Patients can maintain their therapy sessions even if they move to a different city or country, or if they frequently travel for work.
    • Crisis Situations: During crises like pandemics, telepsychiatry ensures continuity of care when in-person sessions are not possible.
  6. Access to Specialists:
    • Broader Network: Patients can access a wider range of specialists who might not be available locally.
  7. Patient Engagement:
    • Digital Tools: Use of digital tools and apps for therapy can enhance patient engagement and provide additional resources between sessions.
  8. Timely Interventions:
    • Quicker Appointments: Often, patients can get appointments more quickly than they would with traditional in-person therapy.

These advantages make telepsychiatry and online psychiatry a valuable option for many individuals seeking mental health care.



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