Steven Braam, PhD

Steven Braam, PhD - American Behavioral Clinics

Steven Braam, PhD


Dr. Braam’s treatment approach includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He takes into account clients’ thoughts as well as actions that are behavioral events that can be changed to influence how a person acts or feels.

Dr. Braam received his PhD from Western Michigan University. He began providing behavioral health services during his undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois where he tutored children with behavior disorders, learning disabilities, and developmental disabilities, including autism. As a graduate student, he earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education and subsequently worked as a teacher while obtaining his doctoral degree in Psychology. Having over 25 years of experience, Dr. Braam is particularly well-suited for counseling students and consulting with parents and teachers regarding school, learning, and behavior problems that children and adolescents may experience.

Office Locations: Layton, Elm Grove