Jennifer Janowitz, LPC

Jennifer Janowitz

Jennifer Janowitz, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

LOCATIONS: Layton, Bluemound, Mequon

Jennifer Janowitz brings an advanced multi-pronged approach to the therapeutic process. She strives to create an open, friendly, hopeful, and insightful environment to assist people with the challenges that they face. Her treatment style is holistic, patient-centered and modern. Jennifer works with couples, families and individuals from all walks of life from age 5 through to adulthood.

Jennifer has a MS in Professional Counseling and BS in Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Educational Psychology and Art. She has advanced studies in body/somatic studies, trauma, neurological/developmental/organic issues, psychodynamic, cognitive and solution focused treatment plans. Advanced certificates in craniosacral therapies, body-mind therapies, trauma informed, biofeedback, neurofeedback, EEG evaluations, mindfulness approaches, nutrition, alternative health approaches and psychological evaluation and assessment.

She has held the following clinical and leadership positions: Academic and Career Development Specialist at Medical College of Wisconsin, Diversity and Inclusionary Specialist, medical boards and medical education special instruction manager/ Instructor, medical resident clinical practice trainer in Neurology/Geriatrics at University of Tennessee Medical Center-Cole Neuroscience Department, Executive Administrator of Research and Clinical Operations in Neurology and CPS and legal/court evaluator and pain management therapist.

Jennifer Janowitz received the prestigious position of being chosen to be a College Scholar at UT-Knoxville. She received a degree in Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Educational Psychology and Art with advanced studies in these areas both as a clinician and researcher. She has authored multiple publications, designed research and diagnostic support programs in areas of behavioral health, medical education, somatic studies, evaluation, creativity, learning and Alzheimer’s disease. Her work on Alzheimer’s and driving was presented on national television. Jennifer’s work on identifying dementia early through a computerized short test for family physicians is used throughout the US. Her research systems program tool is used in multiple departments at Medical College of WI and in nursing training programs at UW-Milwaukee and Marquette. She has been invited to be a guest speaker at the American Association of Medical College national conferences multiple times to present on her approaches to teaching and learning in medical education, issues alternative learners face and approaches to meet the learning needs of students.

State of the art (body/somatic therapies, mindfulness-based therapies, body feedback approaches- neurofeedback, autonomic nervous system regulation, alternative health approaches) combined with traditional psychological treatments for depression, anxiety, pain, stress, life transition, self-identity/esteem/image, ADD/ADHD, learning and academic concerns, trauma (acute, chronic and developmental), marriage/divorce/parental adjustments, mood and behavior disorders, pornography/sex addiction and issues with sexual wellness.

Ages 14+