Psychiatrists In McHenry County

Patient-Focused Mental Health Treatments

Get the mental health treatment you deserve. Get an appointment within a week! Convenient locations around the McHenry County area.


Dr James Winston - Top Milwaukee Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists In McHenry County

Get the mental health treatment you deserve. Get an appointment within a week! Convenient locations around the McHenry County area.


Dr James Winston - Top Milwaukee Psychiatrist

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Cities Our Psychiatrists and Therapists Serve in McHenry County

  • McHenry

  • Cary

  • Woodstock

  • Harvard

  • Richmond

  • Spring Grove

  • Bull Valley

  • Hebron

  • Union

  • Prairie Grove

  • Oakland Hills

  • Village of Lakewood

What Separates Us

At ABC, we are building a center of mental health excellence and removing barriers to ensure access to the right care. We empower every individual with the opportunity to receive a full continuum of psychiatric and behavioral health services built around industry leading experts.

Our clinical team delivers specialized treatment for a wide range of conditions and offers recovery oriented, compassionate care.

Our Clinics are located near McHenry County and close to McHenry County.

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      Psychiatrists in McHenry County

      At American Behavioral Clinics, we are dedicated to serving the community of McHenry County with top-notch psychiatric services for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our commitment lies in delivering compassionate care that prioritizes the well-being of our patients, ensuring they receive the most effective treatment to enhance their mental health and overall quality of life. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, our programs are designed to address the unique mental health needs of the McHenry County community and beyond. Our team of experienced psychiatrists and wellness professionals are dedicated to providing personalized and specialized care to support our clients on their journey to optimal mental wellness. We welcome you to reach out to us for a complimentary initial consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

      Therapists & Counselors in McHenry County

      At ABC,  we provide top-notch psychotherapy services for adults and children in McHenry County and beyond. Our team is dedicated to delivering effective counseling, therapy, and medication options to promote mental wellness and help our clients succeed in all aspects of their lives. Collaborating with you, we tailor psychotherapy treatments to best suit your needs and support your wellness objectives. Through this journey, you will gain valuable insights about yourself, enhance your self-awareness, improve your interpersonal skills, and build trust in your inner self.

      Nurse Practitioners in McHenry County

      Our team of Certified Nurse Practitioners at American Behavioral Clinics are able to assess, diagnose, and then create a personalized treatment plans to help you feel your best. Fully licensed and experienced, they can pinpoint your concerns and guide you towards a successful wellness journey. Reach out to ABC today to explore our psychiatric services and start your path to feeling great!

      At American Behavioral Clinics (ABC), recovery is possible.

      Patient-Centric Behavioral Health Services

      We offer a wide range of care services and work with each patient to develop a customized treatment program that works best for them.

      Our programs & services include:

      Dr James B Winston - ABC Founder & Psychiatrist

      Featured in Milwaukee Magazine and voted in the top 3 of Milwaukee’s best psychiatrists.

      Our Team

      Our team represents a group of personable, warm, and compassionate specialists who all share a similar passion for people. Each member brings their own unique perspective and skillset to offer everybody a pathway to healing, strength and their BEST self.

      • Board Certified Psychiatrists

      • Psychiatric Nurse Prescribers

      • Psychologists

      • Licensed Clinical Social Workers

      • Licensed Professional Counselors

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