home excersise

Not only for physical well-being but for mental wellness, it is important to try and stay physically active and as fit as you can during the pandemic. So many people are eating more, eating mindlessly, and are falling into a routine of working from the couch and then spending the evening on the couch not moving. This can be a recipe for physical and/or mental problems.

While many continue to stay socially distanced during these uncertain times, avoiding gyms and in-person exercise classes, there are opportunities to exercise at home that can get you up off the couch and moving. We invite you to explore and try any of these options to work towards your wellness while at home:

    1. Free Online or Streaming Workouts: Look for Free video workout routines online or on streaming sites such as YouTube. There are so many great and FREE options out there, that you are almost certain to find a routine or an instructor that gets you motivated and keeps you motivated. Many of these routines are made for exercising at home in front of the television, and oftentimes no weights or special equipment are needed to participate. You can save money, save time, and get fit right from the comfort of your own home. The key is to get started and find and then work out with a routine that becomes a part of your life.
    2. Make a Home Gym: Realizing that they might not want to return to a gym environment any time soon, many people are finding a space in their home to create a home gym instead. The good news is that an effective home gym can be set up for just about any size and for any budget. The key is to use your gym regularly and effectively to get moving and stay moving. In many cases, some home exercise equipment can be DIY- climbing stairs for example or finding hand-sized objects like food cans that can be used as hand weights. And don’t forget the many exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks that can be done at home without any special equipment.
    3. Outdoor Walking: When the weather allows and you feel able to maintain a level of social distance that you are comfortable with, take walks outside at a pace that is right for you. Even if just around the block or to a corner and back once or twice, getting outdoors and getting fresh air will do you a world of good.
    4. Fitness Video Games: There are video game stations like Nintendo or Wii that are designed to get you moving in your home- all the fun of playing video games, but involving physical movement that can be tracked and measured so you can gauge your progress.

There is a definite mind-body connection that when working well together can help you achieve your optimum health. While it can be challenging to start a new routine, even from home, we encourage you to give it a go, and soon enough this healthy new routine will become a part of your lifestyle!