high functioning depression

Do you feel like summer started without your permission? Don’t worry. You can still catch up to the season.

Are You Ready to Make Great Summer Memories?

Feeling like you’re one step behind the prevailing season is common, so take heart. We’re still early in July, and you have plenty of time to create stellar summer memories:

  • Go to the beach.
  • Take a summer cruise on Lake Michigan.
  • Throw an outdoor party.
  • Take a long, blissful hike.
  • Enjoy a new bike ride.

If something on that list excites you, it’s time to get out there!

Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

For some of us, no amount of summer planning and participation can generate rich happiness. We might have a calendar full of events, and we might often laugh, but we feel that we’re merely going through life’s motions. That feeling can be a sign of high-functioning depression.

That non-clinical term indicates a busy life spent seeming happy but not actually being happy. If you see yourself in that definition, please don’t feel alone. The National Alliance on Mental Illness’s recent article on the subject shows us that high-functioning depression is not rare.

From that article, you can gain an understanding of high-functioning depression, and you can begin thinking about your path to true happiness.

Could a Bit of Professional Care Put You and Summer on the Same Page?

Sometimes, the shortest path to happiness includes expert therapy or psychiatric services, which you can find at American Behavioral Clinics. We understand the nuances of high-functioning depression, and we offer seven local clinics for your convenience.

To schedule an appointment, reach out to us today. Our caring team will help you get into the summer swing!



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