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If someone asks you about the difference between child and adult psychiatry, your first answer may be that it depends on the person’s age. While that answer would not be wrong, the truth is that the answer lies much deeper.

Adult vs. Child Entry Point

Adults often seek out help for themselves. Meanwhile, children are usually referred by their family, a pediatrician, or a teacher, depending on where the counseling occurs.

Activity During Counseling

If you have never been to a child’s counseling section and walked into one, you may think the child and counselor are having a good time playing because they will often have toys out. While playing is often the way the counselor and child interact, it is usually more verbal in adult counseling. Instead of toys, if you walk into a counseling section, you will likely see an in-depth conversation.

The Mind

The adult mind is already fully developed while the child’s mind is still developing. While both counseling sessions aim to move the client towards a more normal relationship with the world around them, different methods must be used since the child’s mind is not yet mature.

Change Rate

Positive changes often occur more rapidly in child psychiatry than in adult. First, the brain is more moldable, so children may outgrow the phase naturally. Secondly, children often have a stronger support system to help them make positive changes.

Influence of Others

While parents and others surrounding children can be a powerful positive influence, they can also be a negative one. Since children depend on their caregivers, this relationship cannot be broken. Meanwhile, adults who have surrounded themselves with people who harm their mental health can choose to break those ties. They also have more power to choose a different set of friends who can have a powerful influence on their lives.

It does not matter your age, we are here to help with psychiatry services. We are here to help. Reach out to us today so that we can help you make positive changes in your life. The sooner that you get started, the quicker you will feel better.



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